Essence de santal des Indes orientales de Macassar

Many years ago (20/25) I bought a can of Sandalwood Essence that said on the label. "Essence de santal des Indes orientales de Macassar" distilled in Holland, from the Naarden brand, does anyone know this product or can you tell me what type of sandalwood it is, is thick and has a honey color, but I don't know natural sandalwood from Mysore.
I also have a Patchouly essence bought at that time but it is almost black, is that natural?
I am a perfumery unknown, the little I know I have learned here, for which I am grateful
The label is very deteriorated, but I will try to make a photo, but nothing should be noticed.
I apologize for my poor English.
Thank you very much

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