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Jan 30, 2019
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Hi Everyone,

Having a flash sale. Need these gone by Monday. If not, will have to wait for two weeks. USA Only (Unless you have a shipping forwarder).

Iris Noir Edp 46/50ml $400

Iris Ghalia pp 26/30ml $500

Chypre Sultan PP 29.5/30ml $750

Ottoman Empire 3 46/50ml $350

Musk Lave 28/30ml $475

Malik al Taif 28/30ml $SOLD

Santal Galore 48/50ml $860

Slumberhouse Fjerne 46/50ml $250

Bortnikoff Oud Maximus OG 49/50ml $300

Bloodline Hendley 29/30ml $ SOLD

Celine Le Peau Nue 96/100ml $165

All Prices are conUS shipping included. Open to offers, no low-balls please. PayPal f&f, Venmo, or Zelle preferred.
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