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Jul 12, 2010
I often hear, "There is so much patchouli in this" or "there is a strong presense of vetiver". Whenever I smell a fragrance, I only smell the fragrance. I don't smell lots of sandalwood or a little bergamont. I don't even know what the majority of notes smell like at all. I only own two fragrances, but I still want to better understand fragrances. So I am asking if you could supply COMMON notes under each category to help improve my knowledge. I am not asking for every single notes. Here are the categories:
"Green" (I am not sure exactly what this means)
Foujar (Not sure how to spell, also don't know what this means)


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Jan 30, 2010
Okay. Not the whole answer to your question, but a start...It's fairly straightforward, as the notes of the first three you mention correspond to the plants one would imagine.

Spicy: as it sounds: cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, cumin... (the spice shelf)
Citrusy/Fruity: Orange, Lemon, Lime, Bergamot, Grapefruit, etcetera. Fruity: Currant, cherry, raspberry, apple, etcetera (as it sounds, the fruits section at the grocery store, plus a few)
Woody: Cedar, Pine, Cypress... etcetera. also Oud which is a specially prepared aged wood that a whole book could be written about. Fresh or "incensy" woody smells.
Aquatic: Ozone, "sea-salty smells"... etcetera
Green: Herbal, Grassy, fresh... rosemary, lavender... grassy, hay (coumarin, which is a sweet grassy smell)... oakmoss and vetiver can smell green, mossy (Oakmoss and vetiver also are elements in a lot of woody scents... in fact, oakmoss and vetiver feature in MANY scents, period. There's enough for a book on each of these.)
Gourmand: smells like food. Popular gourmands are berries, chocolate, coffee... etcetera
Fougère: This is a type of scent, and not just a note. The word means "fern-like." The classic Fougère includes lavender, oakmoss, and coumarin. (to me, by definition, a Fougère is a Green scent, but variations are out there.)

If you want to educate your nose "formally" I'd recommend grabbing/testing as many essential oils and other elements of scent as you can find.
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