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Eagerly awaiting samples of.........


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Apr 9, 2020
What with Covid and Brexit,things just aren't normal anymore(to say the least) Buying samples and travel sprays is the best i can hope for right now but i need my fix!
I feel exited knowing my never tried samples are almost with me.( tomorrow in fact.)
Looking forward to getting my nose on..Dzing by l,artisan perfume,Timbuktu by l,artisan perfume,Musk Ravageur by Frederic Malle and MEM by Bogue Profumo.
Anyone else awaiting never tried samples?


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Jan 21, 2006
Congratulations for your sampling choices.
Not waiting for samples yet, simply because although having found not just one but a few sites having affordable samples of most fragrances am curious about while not able to test anywhere else, still waiting for the current delivery situation to normalize rather than delivery times becoming likelier to be increasingly postponed.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jul 21, 2011
I only just realized yesterday that Sephora actually has a lot more sample box sets (for numerous different niche perfume brands) than I previously thought they had!
I had already purchased official sample sets for Juliette Has a Gun (which I'm mostly not crazy about) and Atelier Cologne from Sephora. The Atelier Cologne set was only a few months ago, the other one was a few years back!
But yesterday I just realized they actually have box sets of official samples for a few things, including niche perfume brand names I hadn't heard of before!
Anyway..I don't mean to sound like a commercial for them or anything, I'm not paid to say any of this. :)
I just wanted to point that out, and add that yesterday I just purchased box sets for Floral Street and Ellis Brooklyn! :) And..I am currently waiting for those to arrive in the mail!
I don't know anything about the perfume from either of those brands, but I like to try new things sometimes! :) Clearly I'm nuts about fragrance! :)
I also have a "grab bag" of surprise mystery perfume samples coming in from Sephora too..it was part of a special offer they have right now. So..I'll find out what those are when they arrive too :) Yay! FYI: they often have some deals like that around Valentine's Day too I find. :)


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jul 21, 2011
I just got my perfume samples in the mail! :D yay!

I haven't tried any yet though since I'm already wearing "Amazing Grace" from Philosophy. If I add anything else I'm just layering!

I will say what I actually got though:

My Floral Street box set came with samples of eight of their women's perfumes:
London Poppy, Wonderland Peony, Neon Rose, Wild Vanilla Orchid, Iris Goddess, Chypre Sublime, Black Lotus and Ylang Ylang Espresso!

And, my Ellis Brooklyn box set also came with samples of eight of their scents too, Myth, Rrose, Fable, Raven, Rives, Sci-Fi, Fawn and West. :)

So, yeah..I have lots of sampling to do now, which is great since I have so much spare time on my hands lol!

Aaand..I also got my "surprise bag" of perfume samples from Sephora too..and the ones I got are: "Dark Rum" from Malin+Goetz, Versace "Eros" EDP (not sure if its masculine or feminine.), Gucci "Bloom" EDP, Carolina Herrera "Good Girl" EDP, Paco Rabanne "1 Million" Parfum and "Vanille Passion" EDP from Comptoir Sud Pacifique. :)
So yes..lots of sampling to do! Maybe I'll start writing more reviews! :)

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