DSH 18% off 9/10-9/14


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Jul 5, 2017
Thanks - ordered my first batch of DSH fragrances. I enjoy Snowy Owl by Zoologist, so I look forward to trying some fragrances from her own brand.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Aug 31, 2020
I noticed both DSH and Rogue are having to double-duty juggling homeschooling kids and running their respective businesses from home. I will gladly support their work. Looking forward to experiencing her work. I reduced my free sample allotment from 3 to 2 because I requested a tiny sample of Scent of Hope for Varanis. When Strifeknot’s Fath Iris split finally rolls out hopefully Varanis can knock out a compare and contrast between the two for the Basenotes database.

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Update from DSH:

Thank you to everyone who jumped on the Flash Sale for Dawn's Birthday!! It was awesomely massive... so we just wanted to update you that we're on it and getting your orders out as fast as we can. (Not everybody knows that we often fill and pack our products to order, by hand, to make sure that everything is as perfect as we can make it. We are a group of humans who touch and bring loving care to each and every sample to full size bottle in every order. So, thank you for your orders, your patience, and your love from all of us at the Essense Studio / DSH Perfumes!).

ps: A huge thank you, also, to everyone who ordered Scent of Hope! Your support of this lovely fragrance and the charity that it supports, is deeply meaningful. <3

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