Jan 26, 2016
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I'm moving and need to divest. Please watch this space for great deals.
These are the only bottles I would trade for:
Ego Facto: PooPoo Pidoo
Grossmith: Phul Nana.

Slumberhouse: Sadanne flask bottle or the weird metal one, Kiste flask bottle or the weird metal one, Jeke flask bottle.
MFK: Petite Matin.
Papillon Artisan Perfumes: Salome.

International Shipping generally must add $25 to total price listed.
Can only ship Express Mail ($70) to Australia due to Covid-19, please check your country's incoming mail policy and costs.

Amber Ash Sheikh by Masison Anthony Marmin aka Abdul Karim Al Faransi.

3ml luxury 1/4 tola. Attar (oil based perfume). Tested 3x. Loads left.
$40 shipped.
$30 shipped!

Two bottles of First by Van Cleef & Arpels, each in the gold & black boxes that indicate original edt, vintage status.
Very fresh and good.
1 oz bottle $30, 2 oz bottle $60. Please add PayPal fees and $5 shipping.
1 oz bottle $20, 2 oz bottle $50. Please add PayPal fees and $5 shipping.

Caron Narcisse Noir,
1 oz bottle, opened by me, purchased on eBay for $350, tested 2x. I would prefer to decant into a tightly sealed, isopropyl alcohol-washed bottle to send, to make sure it doesn't leak.
$300 + PayPal Fees + $9 priority shipping.
$200 + PayPal Fees + shipping cost.




Rochas Absolu 75ml edp $45 shipped to USA
Oriza L. LeGrand Les Tourterelles de Zelmis 100ml edp $100 shipped to USA

Armani Onde Extase 50ml edp $60 shipped to USA
Cacharel Yes I AM! (-5 sprays, has box & cellophane) $50ml edp $40 shipped to USA. $35 shipped!
Gale Hayman Beverly Hills 30ml edp splash $30 shipped to USA
Mitsouko Vintage 7.5ml extrait splash BNNU shrink wrap around stopper, has inner and outer boxes $100 shipped to USA

TRNP Pagan (left) & Avant Gardenia (right)
10ml bottles. $50 each shipped to USA. $45 each shipped.



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