Do you see any vintage gold?


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Feb 19, 2023
Living in the Middle East, there are many places that sell vintage fragrances. I snapped a few photos while in a local shop.
Anything you would recommend I pick up?


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Aug 16, 2021
I don't know what you would enjoy, but if they were reasonably priced what I would buy is 2 bottles of Rochas Globe, 1 of Aramis Tuscany, 1 of Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur and the 50ml of Jean-Marc Sinan's Version Originale. But if I was actually living in the Middle East or wearing them there rather than in the UK I would avoid the V.O. and go with Eau de Rochas Homme instead! Ralph Lauren Safari For Men would work well in cooler Middle Eastern weather, too!


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Oct 25, 2007
One's man "gold" is another man's garbage, but what I see that's very nice to me is the V.O. by Jean Marc Sinan, Latitude by Olivier de Kersauson, Graphite by Montana, the Max DeVille Camera cheapies, Samourai by Alain Delon and the Globe by Rochas.
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Dec 14, 2020
I'm female ( and from the UK, also if that matters ) but I've bought some for partners ( and occasionally myself ) over the years and hear chatter about others.

Some I spot are:
ROCHAS Globe ( was gone too quick ) ; Halston ( I rate all Halston but you need to go pre-EA to get the good stuff ), Dreamer in the "cosmos" box was very different from memory ( it's still v.popular I find it too soapy now ); Lagerfeld ( similarly been cheapened ) ; Balmain ( class ); Eau de ROCHAS ditto.

I'm sure there's many more !


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Aug 30, 2014
Yes, I see a few :)
I didn't mean to be curt, I just needed to hop on my laptop to get a good look.

I'd be interested in the following:

Agua Brava, Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme and Zanzibar, Lacoste Land, Dior Dune For Men, Pablo Picasso Minotaure, Aigner Pour Homme, Lancome Sagamore, Lancetti Monsieur, Versace Versus and L'Homme, Guerlain Coriolan, Salvador Dali Salvador, Jil Sander Man, Cacheral Pour Homme (vintage), Smalto Pour Homme, Barishnikov Pour Homme, Fred Hayman's Touch For Men, Carlo Corinto, Jacomo Anthracite Pour L'Homme, Samba For Men, Rochas Eau De Rochas Pour Homme (vintage), Mr Blass EDT, Valentino Very Valentino, Arden Men Sandalwood, Sergio Soldano Men, Otto Kern Cycle, Jean Marc Sinan VO, Borsalino, Ferre Pontaccio 21, Rochas Globe, Ralph Lauren Safari For Men, Laura Biagiotti Venezia Uomo, Romeo Gigli Gianfranco Ferre For Man, Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur, and Santos De Cartier (in vintage leather pouch).


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Dec 6, 2021
Right now I’m in Riyadh, about 30 shops here just like this one.
I was in khobar a few weeks back and the selection there is about 50 shops.
When I was in mecca I didn’t check for fragrances but wish I would have because the city is so old and untouched I’m sure they have the gold mine!
EIGHTY &^#%^&#^&$% SHOPS?!

If I were you I'd try to board the flight back strapped with dozens of bottles of perfume under my shirt and pants and get caught and locked up like the guy in Midnight Express. And it would be worth it.


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Feb 19, 2023
EIGHTY &^#%^&#^&$% SHOPS?!

If I were you I'd try to board the flight back strapped with dozens of bottles of perfume under my shirt and pants and get caught and locked up like the guy in Midnight Express. And it would be worth it.
How to get all these back to the states safely is definitely a question lol. Need to have back up bottles, and we’re not talking about eBay prices out here


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Sep 19, 2010
There’s quite a few well respected vintage fragrances in those pics.
Hard to say what you should get without knowing your tastes.

What are some of your favorite fragrances and types of fragrances?


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Sep 19, 2010
These are the 3 I would probably buy, assuming they’re at a reasonable price.
There’s a number of others in there with a good reputation as well.




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Oct 27, 2016
........) ; Halston ( I rate all Halston but you need to go pre-EA to get the good stuff ),.........
Definitely the two by Halston. As stated just look and if it says EA then skip it otherwise buy.

Also the Oscar for Men, Mr. Blass, and Pierre Cardin Monsieur.

Selected these based on like factor not price. All of them are still available at sub-unicorn pricing, something that is extremely rare might be a better value but I would buy what I like....


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Oct 5, 2022
Very nice collection! The fragancers equivalent of the schoolboy's sweetshop.

I don't see too many there that would set my heart racing, pulse rate to go up and give me sweaty palms in finding a unicorn that's almost impossible to get hold of at a reasonable price or at any price! Some interesting ones though for sure.

You'd definitely need to know what you were looking at though. The Van Cleef and Arpels Pour Homme is post 1999 going by the box markings and would therefore be several reformulations from the original. Likewise the Cacharel Pour L'Homme, one is pre 2003 and one is post 2003 going by the box markings.

The Gianfranco Ferre for Men, Lancome Sagamore and Lancetti would be the three I'd be most interested in.

Nice find though!
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Jan 21, 2006
Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful visuals quite close to an ideal vintage wardrobe.

In fact, the diversity of at least from a personal viewpoint- great names in this lineup makes it almost easier to enumerate which ones in the picture would NOT rate as having found a vintage goldmine.
And even these few ones are only excluded mostly due to not having properly known/tested these or due to not being very high on a shopping priorities list rather then any even remote dislike.

Apart from the solid recommendations from a wide selection of amazing vintages, also adding Guy Laroche Horizon, Joop Rococo and anything from Roccobarocco including Jeans as additional options worth considering.


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Mar 21, 2019
Indeed, Cacharel only the Rue Royale batch is worth it, dont buy later versions....
Get the Versace lhomme with the thin script... and the Borsalino...and Sergio Saldano black, all Italian workhorses and good.

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