Destroy a fragrance name with one letter


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Jun 13, 2021
I'm sure some of these have been covered, but what good fun it is!

Allure Homme Spurt
Pee Zoologists
Fat Zoologists
The Poon Frederic Malle
Homo Salvatore
Valentino Homo
Pool Water
L'Homme Fart Nilafart
Uncock for him
To Die For Broad
Bleu Me Chanel
Taco Rabanna Pour Homme
Black Opium Peon
Stinky Fingers by Francesca Bianchi
Bohemian Blueballs Zara
Club de Inuit Intense Man
Dung Alfred Dung
My New York Bone No 9
Clinique Fappy
A Tity on Fire

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