Derby, Cpm or Rien?


Basenotes Dependent
Aug 9, 2009
An interesting query...

Personally, I would go with Derby.

Pour Monsieur is very safe...maybe too safe for art exhibition. But would be fine.

Rien is a bit daring and edgy.

Any of the three would be fine. I just think Derby strikes the best tone between conservative and yet "artsy."

It may a personal bias. I sold my Derby and kind of regret it.

Aerial Punk

Basenotes Member
Aug 8, 2020
PM is the understated one of the bunch.

If you want to be noticed, Rien.

Derby sits inbetween them as the Goldilocks choice.
Yes, agree. I really love Rien but it might distract people…cpm makes me literally lift my head and stand straighter, I feel very professional and comfortable. My Derby has never left home so far. Hmm.


New member
May 13, 2023
Checking the mirror and hearing the words of Jeffrey Lee Pierce: “you look just like an Elvis from hell” - I’m leaning towards Rien.
Never thought I'd read a Gun Club reference on here, kudos.

Pour Monsieur (EdT) is my go-to for work-related stuff, any situation where somebody could possibly take offence to "how I smell" and get me in trouble? I stick with PM. It stands out just the right amount

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