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Jun 13, 2021
The batch that I make a few testers from was very strong, I'd say projection of 2-3 feet easily for the first hour or two then it dried down to nearly a skin scent unless I was up walking around, then I would get gentle wafts every so often. After that 4-5 hour mark I could hardly tell I was wearing it unless I sniffed my shoulder or wrist. I asked a colleague if she could detect it and she said she wasn't aware I was wearing anything and finally picked up on it once she got close enough to sniff my shoulder.

I know sounds work inappropriate, but we've known each other for a decade and she is a huuuuge perfume maniac and loves to sniff new scents whether it be on bottles or people lol.


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Oct 25, 2007
How good is the projection and Sillage of Bleu de Chanel Parfum
I’m talking about the latest batches.

I read so many mixed reviews on it. But I’d like to know from people who’ve personally used it.
Please share your opinions on its performance.
Performance on my skin was excellent.


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Sep 26, 2008
my bottle is from 2019, so can't compare to current, but I would say it above average for projection and longevity, becomes a skin scent after 3 hours or so, but it is gorgeous

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