Dear Acqua di Giò

Dear Acqua di Giò


Dear Acqua,

I know that we haven't talked in a long time. I wasn't sure I'd ever write to you again. I probably wouldn't have written, except that I ran into somebody yesterday who says he's seeing you now. I was really happy to hear that. He seems like a really good guy. I think you deserve that. So anyway, I thought I needed to say some things I'd been meaning to say.

After we started seeing other people, and I didn't hear from you again, I figured you'd found somebody else. I guess I was hoping that you'd find somebody else. I still think you're a really good person, and I wish the best for you. But people change. Or at least I changed. I'm sorry if that's why things didn't work out. I knew that it never was your fault, but I guess I couldn't say it at the time.

Sometimes I think about how things were, and I try to remember you like that. I like to remember that summer when we were in Rome. You were really beautiful then. I will always treasure those memories. Sometimes I wish that life could always be like that. I suppose if it was, maybe we would just get tired of it, and wish for moments like this. But it's OK. Just to have had even one moment like that is enough. Not everybody is that lucky.

I guess I should tell you what's been happening since we split up. Some things are still the same as ever. Like Kouros. Same old Kouros. What a beautiful psycho. I don't think he'll ever settle down. That guy breaks up with more people in a week than I've even had relationships with in my entire life. I hear this one woman broke up with him in the bus terminal. So he grabbed the litter box out of the back of his monster truck and threw it at the bus. Can you friggin' believe it? But for whatever reason, he's still pretty popular. Some chicks think he's to die for. Go figure.

Polo's still in town. He's retired now. He made a lot of money, so he really didn't need to work any more. His kids are doing OK, too. Givenchy Junior is still around. Haven't seen him in ages. His old man is doing OK. Everybody talks about the old man. It must be kind of hard when your dad is famous like that, and people just ignore you, or think you're a loser. I don't think he's a loser. He was good to me, just like you were. Maybe I'll give him a call.

I'm trying to think of who else you would remember. Oh, yeah. Obsession. Still into all that weird Eastern stuff. Man, that guy is just living in the past. I mean, yes, it was big in the '80's, but it's all over. Move on, bro.

Let's see. There's Allure. You remember? I was seeing her before I met you. I don't see her much, but they say she's doing really well. The whole family, come to think of it. Even the munchkins are local heroes now. It's still like they're royalty around here. She was good for me, but something got in the way. It's like, I was never really good enough for her. You know?

I've been hanging out with a completely different crowd lately. It's been good. Sometimes I think it was because of you that I finally figured out what I wanted. I guess if that's my way of thanking you, then feel free to take it that way. It's not so much that my new friends are any better than your old crowd. I guess maybe it's just that they accept me, even if I'm an asshole.

They're really a different bunch. Maybe that's why we get along. Some of them are kind of old school, like the old crowd I hung out with back in the day. Some of the others are really young. A lot of them are artsy types. I know that must seem weird - me hanging out with art chicks. I know I used to rag on people like that something fierce. Maybe that's how God teaches us stuff. He makes us become the people we laugh at. But then something really good happens because of that.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about the person I'm seeing now. I don't think I would have even thought of telling you, if I hadn't met that guy who's seeing you now. But it was like, he was so proud he was seeing you, and it sounded like you two have a really good relationship. So I know you're completely over us, and I also know that you'd be so curious about who I'm seeing. If I didn't tell you about it, it would almost be like an insult. You know? Yeah, you know. And you know I know. And you know I know you know. Radio love. That's what you used to call it, right? Maybe we've still got that part.

Now don't laugh. She's sort of different. She's half Japanese and half French, but she was born in Spain. And she's an art chick. OK, now you can go ahead and laugh. I mean, nobody would have figured us for a couple. And people do stare at us, especially when we take the truck, or go to the gallery night. But we get along really well. I think it's because she's kind of outdoorsy. I mean, like really outdoorsy. Not just fly-fishing and kayaking like we used to do. She's really into wilderness camping, mountain biking, backcountry, and all that sort of stuff. Some of the guys say stuff like she's too manly, but you know what? I think they wish their girlfriends would do more extreme stuff.

You see, I think I figured out why things didn't work out for us. I mean, let's be honest here. You were always so popular. And I'm just weird. I know you hated it when I would say that, but you know it's the truth. At first, I thought that I just couldn't handle that you were so popular. But that's not it. You see, I really, really don't want to be normal like you. I tried faking normal, and I can do it, but it's just so painful. People shouldn't have to be different than what they are. And even when they want to be something else, it never works. If you're going to be different than what you are now, it has to be whatever it is that you're supposed to become - not what you think you want to be. I don't know if that makes any sense. I guess that's the best I can explain it.

But you've got to believe me - I'm not saying that I think you did anything wrong, because you didn't. And when I say you're normal, it's not like I’m saying you're ordinary, because you're not. Everybody wants to be you, or to get next to you. And if I ever said anything about all your fans and wannabes, it wasn't dissing you. I wasn't even dissing them. I guess I was just saying that there was only one you, and everybody else should have just gotten their own goddamn life, instead of hanging onto yours. That's why I think it's so great that you're in this new relationship. I think this guy really respects you. He's not just using you to get something. And he's not another one of those posers who knows you're a safe bet that he can bring home to mama. He was really sticking up for you. That's the way it should have been from the very beginning. You always deserved a guy like that. A guy who believed in you as much as I did, but who loves you like he does.

So anyway, I just wanted to wish you the best. I really hope everything works out for you. I have this feeling that it will. You were always a class act. People remember that. If we ever run into each other again, don't just walk by. I still care. I would sign this Love, but we should always be honest with each other.

Take care, Acqua.


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Guest're the only person on here who can make a running commentary talking to and about an inanimate object.:rolleyes: Unbelievable.

You are a creative nut for sure....and I mean that in the best possible light. Another good read that had me smirking.:D


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Feb 8, 2009

It's a good thing we're not all as fickle as you. I for one still enjoy the company of orientals - boys, girls, old friends and new. The spicer, the better. We often share dessert.


Redneck Perfumisto

League of Cycloöctadiene Isomer Aestheticists
Basenotes Plus
Feb 27, 2008
Thanks, guys. :D Not quite sure how this one happened. I think I got a few wires crossed at the party the night before. Then I'm doing some slightly hung-over reading of Gary's passionate defense of AdG the next morning, and.... there you have it. I got this wild hair to explore the possibility of being "formerly passionate about (a) fragrance".

I don't think I'm so done with orientals per se - it's just Obsession For Men. I have a soft spot for it, in a scent memory sort of way, but I have no real desire to wear that particular scent. Other fragrances - not a problem. For example, CdG 2 Man is virtually an oriental to my nose, every bit as much of a powerhouse as OFM, but in a really modern way. Sorry - I'm just hot for the stuff. I can't recommend it enough.

I've always considered AdG a classic, and there are some noses here, who I respect greatly, who would agree. But it isn't one I reach for routinely. For me, just a wear every once in a while is enough to remind me of its good points. I do rib it a lot, much as I might make light of a failed romance. After reading Gary's post, I was conscious that my joking might still come across as something unintended - like fragrance snobbery. My thinking veered off from that point... and ended up here! :D Frankly, I wasn't even sure if I was serious or joking. But I decided to put it up before logic got the better of me, or I figured it out. Sometimes you just have to go with passion no matter what.

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