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Oct 5, 2022
Hi all! I edited this intro to put the perfume info first.

My name is Deborah, I am from the US but I have lived in a small town in Italy for four decades. I retired when Covid lockdowns began, but my work experience includes special needs case management, teaching English, and counseling.

The first fragrance I bought? Please - at my age the memory neurons are already strained enough. I do recall youthful memories of Jean Nate, Love’s Fresh Lemon (with Donovan singing “Wear your love like heaven” - I told you I am old, no?), and gifting L’Air du Temps for Mother’s Day. For a few years in the late 60s, my father was a regional salesman for Coty, then owned by Pfizer. I remember having so much perfume around the house even though I was still pretty young to use fragrance regularly (I DID try Coty body paint on my legs- it was a paint can complete with a roller, what a hot mess HA!) My mother had a stunning tester display that held spray bottles of Emeraude, Imprevu, L’Origan, L’Aimant and Elan. Of course I sampled them! When I grew up and was first on my own, I remember liking and buying Diane von Furstenberg’s Tatiana, Chanel No5 and Chanel Cristalle.

For fragrance fun I stalk eBay and other sites, and putter around with my perfume collection which even I must admit is getting out of hand. Current “makes me swoon” loves are Armani (first fragrance, Gio, Mania with the black cap - not pink!), Mugler Angel (extrait, Liqueur de Parfum, Taste of Fragrance, Touch of Leather), Mugler Womanity (Taste of Fragrance, The Fragrance of Leather), Mugler Alien (Essence Absolue, Liqueur de Parfum), Mugler Cuir Impertinent, L’Arte by Gucci, YSL Opium, Krazy Krizia, Valentino Vendetta but there are many others that are so fabulous too. I have too many perfumes but when I try to separate “loves” from “likes” I become overwhelmed, change my mind, I feel like a ridiculous, trivialized version of Sophie’s Choice… First World problems, eh?

I apologize if this is too long but I found myself on a roll as I tried to follow the suggestions for newbies.

I enjoy listening to US political podcasts, sewing, and music. I love art, I’ve taken classes in ceramics, glass, watercolor, jewelry making, and print making. I like creating papier-mâché objects, and decorations from refuse (I plan to learn to knit this winter using old videocassette tapes instead of yarn - that elicited an almost audible eye roll from my Italian husband). I also have a thing for boxes and containers, I can’t resist collecting them, always with the intention of reutilizing them for something else. For example, I have a lot of cardboard egg boxes that I think would make a great standing screen *insert another husbandly eye roll*

Spouse is an awesome cook who takes pleasure in cooking so I am usually the cleanup crew but also the occasional cook (I DO turn out a pretty awesome Thanksgiving spread). Favourite food? Hey, I live in Italy - everything is terrific! If forced to choose…hmm this is tough… OK OK my husband’s eggplant parmigiana, I love it 😻 American food favorite is ribeye steak, Mexican favorites are enchiladas and carne asada burritos. Sushi is fine but really it’s only an excuse to eat wasabi!

I really enjoy all kinds of music as long as it is good 😊 I grew up on rock but opera, pop, musicals, Latin dance, old-style country and undefinables like Leonard Cohen, Fabrizio de Andre, Joni Mitchell and others all get my love, as does Ella Fitzgerald with her incomparable voice - she sings Cole Porter better than anyone.

TV: I love to laugh, when I still lived in the US old favs included “Frazier” and “Golden Girls”. Internet gave access to so many amazing shows, but it’s like perfume - you hate to start listing because you don’t want to omit others that you like a lot. “Breaking Bad”, “Better Call Saul”, “Mad Men”, “Sopranos”, “Downton Abbey”, “The Simpsons” were all great. More recently “The Gilded Age” was very good, with Honorable Mention to charming Korean shows like “The Good Doctor” (the original that inspired the US version) and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

I rarely go to the cinema anymore and I’m not attracted to action, horror or fantasy so Mission Impossible, anything with Chucky, Marvel films, etc won’t land in my queue (I think my last fantasy film was Harry Potter, seen with my then-young son. I DID read and enjoy the books, though). I saw the latest Downton Abbey film with friends while visiting the US - it was fun to watch with like-minded folk! I remember really liking “Inside Out”, it was well-done and funny too. “Dangerous Liaisons” was a great adaptation of the book. I returned to the US for a few years and loved watching Metropolitan Opera showings at the cinema, such a great series every year! I also like silent films - favorite actors include Buster Keaton and Louise Brooks.

Favorite books: anything by Jane Austin, I love her understated wit - film versions have been ok but nothing compares to the novels. Another love: Edith Wharton (“Age of Innocence” was also an excellent film). The following books are not favorites but left lasting impressions upon me: Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood (it conveyed a true sense of horror), Camille Paglia’s Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence From Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson (Paglia is a provocative and controversial nut but it’s a fascinating book on art and culture), Stephen King’s Cujo (I loved that the dog’s point of view was central to the story), Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning (read as a teenager, his sense of hope impressed me greatly ).

Ehm …I have never played a video game 😵‍💫 but I enjoy playing free slot games online, does that count? 😃

I am too sedentary and lazy (inert really) and admit that I need to step up my activity more. I still enjoy walking but used to be more active with yoga, swimming, and Latin dance (not much ability but enormous enthusiasm). I have an elliptical machine that I don’t hate using but it is currently collecting dust. I don’t understand my internal resistance to exercise.

Pets: At the moment only 2 semi-feral cats but we have almost always had dogs too. The last one died in 2021 but I am pretty sure we will eventually adopt another. For now I get my doggy fix by admiring dogs that are out walking with their owners, and as “surrogate grandma” to the neighbors’ dog - we take him for visits, walks, and dog sitting when they travel, despite the fear and loathing that he inspires in the cats.

My best party trick is for kids - at my command I can make them feel a tingly “magic” in their hand. Their surprise is always delightful!

Famous look alike? Back in the 80s I was once told that I looked like Syusy Blady - I was not flattered but maybe it was true!
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