Daring fragrances in the designer realm?


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Feb 9, 2014
More recently, I would say Moschino Bad Boy and to some extent Dior Sauvage Elixir.

Going back, JPG Le Male (just for the bottle alone) and YSL M7.

Kim M.

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Apr 3, 2021
What are some daring fragrances in your opinion in the designer realm of fragrances stuff you don't normally come across in designer fragrances.

SECRETIONS MAGNIFIQUES by Etat Libre d’Orange. For me it's "Run away! Run away!". I worked in a hospital where you come across many foul odors from bodily secretions and this one just seems to be in the path as well. And I will run away!​



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Basenotes Plus
Oct 8, 2021
My vote would have to go to Mario Valentino's Ocean Rain.

It's strange, compelling, definitely unique and on any given day can be interpreted as unpleasant or absolute genius.

It took guts to release this in 1990 and I think it would be considered brave in any time frame.


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Jan 17, 2013
Bvlgari Black. Packaged in a small round glass bottle resembling a rubber tire laying on its side. Enjoying a small spray lets you inhale what first comes off as a new black rubber tire and maybe some asphalt. And then you immediately think, OMG what the heck were they thinking? Dark and smoky, and finally calms down. From reading, I believe one top note is of a type of jasmine. To me, it is sexy when it calms down and may work well when wearing all black leather outfits, e.g., pants, vests, harness, straps, bondage, S&M, etc. Oops, trailed off to activities. I hope you get the picture. It definitely stands out, and would take some guts to wear it. Just for kicks, I purposefully wore it to work, once. The fragrance that is. Nobody left the building screaming.

(To me, it’s the cologne that Neo would’ve worn in “The Matrix”)
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Jul 7, 2012
Grey Flannel. I can just imagine the responses if it came in an Amouage bottle...
Funny you should say that. I picked up a sample of Portrayal Man and it reminded me of Grey Flannel, in a good way, which led me to wonder if I'd misjudged Grey Flannel... so I dug out my sample of that one and I have to admit... Grey Flannel is so much better than I remember it being.

It does smell vintage though, which will probably come across as dated to most younger folks. I'm not wild about the opening, but it settles in nicely after an hour or two.

I'd love to smell a modernized update of Grey Flannel - but I'd also be skeptical of a modernized attept at this scent profile because any of the harsh chemicals that houses love using these days would absolutely destroy it. But a big iris/violet/neroli with the smooth round musks Chanel uses... that could be astounding.

Anyway... I can see Grey Flannel as being daring, but for the right guy... if it suits his style... it's probably outstanding.


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Apr 20, 2012
Then of course there's Oscar de la Renta's Pour Lui, an everything-but-the kitchen-sink kind of perfume - some would call it daring, others a mess; I wore it with great pleasure as an undergrad in the 1980s. Discontinued now, so perhaps it doesn't count.

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