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Jan 15, 2008
From the Note Identification Project thread:

Cumin - whoa THIS is animalic? Ok maybe I can smell vaaaaguely the sweat smell but what it brings to my mind is when my (British) father attempts to make Thai noodles. Now I realise it's very heavy on the cumin.


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Feb 20, 2008
I have yet to smell a frag with strong cumin that I find animalic, perhaps because I used to eat Indian type food (I made it myself) often. I just like it as a "spice." I wish the cumin in KISS Him was stronger, actually. Instead, the anise is sometimes too strong for me. If the cumin was really strong (and the anise weaker), that would be one wild frag!
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Apr 7, 2011
Cumin has come up a couple of times lately, people are smelling it in places where I don't smell it, and I am smelling it in places that others don't smell it. It isn't a question of not knowing what it smells like, it's right here in my spice rack, and it is an incredibly strong, distinctive and lingering smell.

Actually, that second part might not be true, I just put on Angel (women) because up until six months or so ago I detected a strong cumin note in this -- and it turned me off. Re-testing it today, I am not getting the cumin, also not disliking this scent the way I did in the past. I guess tastes change.

Rochas Femme was mentioned as a scent with cumin, I didn't catch that, but I only tested it once.

Ambre Sultan is listed on Fragrantica as a scent with cumin, and I could see that along with all of the other spices in there. Fragrantica also says some people mix up cumin and caraway, since they look similar. They certainly don't smell the same, most in North America will identify the smell of caraway with the familiar smell of rye bread.

How do people perceive cumin? Do you like/love/hate it?
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Mar 15, 2009
Cumin essential oil is EXTREMELY pungent and stinky, smelling strongly of perspiration when pure, but lends an undertone of sweet sweat when diluted and blended. It really is not something that should be detected in a perfume, as a note, but it's usefulness is that it enhances and gives a sultry depth to exotic accords. I personally don't like eating cumin in food, and don't like the essential oil straight up, but diluted, it is quite enticing, in an erotic sort of way. I see it solely as a modifier and not as a perfume note as itself.


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Apr 9, 2009
It's a really strange note, cumin. To my nose it is übersexy. It's that little spicy capsule that I love to eat, but when I smell it in a perfume, it literally gets me aroused. I'm not kidding. That's animalic pure. I love a civet and/or ambergris stink, gimme the animal, I smell it's behind with curiosity, but only cumin makes my body react directly. I can totally understand, why noses love to mix it in: e.g., to smell Kingdom gets me aroused. I mean: What a power! Since Kingdom I feel devoted to Jacques Cavallier...

For me there is a great difference between cumin pure, in food, in perfumes and BO and I've smelled BO on too much people in my life (working in the health sector).

Don't know, maybe it's genetics? Like the coriander leaf (not seed/capsule), that for me tastes like soap, for most others it has to taste different, as they love it on their food.

I'd love to smell L'Autre by Diptyque...


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Basenotes Plus
May 22, 2009
I like the cumin in the controversial McQueen Kingdom and also SL Fleurs d'Oranger. Something deep and rich in these florals.

Like a sexy, finely perfumed gentleman's armpit.


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Mar 26, 2016
What about in terms of Tauer's LDDM, that had cumin. I want to say it's noticeable, but it's very nice. There's nothing offensive at all about it. Is that a different type of cumin? Or his just that much of a wizard that he can make anything smell beautiful?


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Mar 6, 2011
I love cumin. I use it when cooking curries, and even grind it into yoghurt to get that warm, herbal kick. There is something slightly animalic and body odour like about it, but in the best way to me.

Maybe the polarising opinion about the note is indeed due to genetics similarly to coriander leaf / cilantro like Bandit above implied? That would be interesting to explore.

The only scent that I've come across where it's REALLY noticeable though is Rose 31, and an old decant of Fleurs d'Oranger. In fact, when I went to buy a full bottle of the Lutens, I was very disappointed to find that it has been neutered in that regard.


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Jun 16, 2018
Cumin essential oil (seeds)
(Carum Carvi)


2 drops on skin.

When waving my hand in front of the nose it's very pleasant - cool, refreshing, aromatic, minty, green, herbal, mild sweat, soft wood.

But when I stick my nose into my wrist it's awful - nose piercing, heady, (very)bitter-earthy-green-woody-detergent-bug-spray aldehydic something.

15 minute mark:
Warm, light, pleasant.
It's like a cup of green herbal tea, with a pinch of mint, lemon and honey (faint).
Discrete woodsy-sweaty aura.


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