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Sep 4, 2019
Hi guys

Probably some people here noticed I have interest in vintage fragrances.
My question today is about old common perfumes in diverse countries around the world.
For example, Shalimar, Mitsouko, Chanel n.5, was popular perfumes, specialy in middle and high class people. But fragrances like Tabu by Dana was popular too, althought for moderate acquisitive people. However these was popular perfumes in many countries. Also, not only theses, I want to know what was popular in your countries, such the Russian 'coty chypre', fragrances never sold in another countries and that remained in the markets for a long time, maybe even today. Feminines and masculines. I consider vintage fragrances from the begginings of 20th century up the 70's.

Some time ago I ask a similar question on general fragrance forum, but i had success only w the answer by great member Zealot Crusader

I put this question here in DIY forum because have more active members of diverse countries, so, i expect moderators understand I want this here, and because I want to learn, being object of study for me afterward, such taste, history, tendencies etc.

Some perfumes i can make an idea: English Lavender, Je Reviens, Charlie (revlon)...

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