Cocoa Absolute HALP!


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Sep 13, 2022
Alright, so, this is my first post on this website *yay* :D

Long post warning ⚠️

Skip part (A) if you do not wish to read the preamble, and move to part (B) for the actual question. :)


I have been making scents, both in ACs/Oils for about 8 years now, on and off; however in the recent years, I’ve gravitated to Oil based perfumes, mainly in Capric/Caprylic MCTs, straight up IPM, or a mixture of both, because I like the feel of the finished product, over heavier carrier oils.

I also work in Oil because my my work is currently centred around perfumery for relaxation/meditation/yoga purposes. The end product is intended for the user’s own experience, a more intimate, subtle scent, if you may.

I have dilutions of natural material in both IPM and C6/C8 at the time of this writing.


Okay so… I recently stocked up my organ with a sizeable amount of new material from Eden, and I knew I just had to have their Cocoa Absolute (COA):

As mentioned in their product info, this absolute does NOT dissolve in fixed oils, but may be used to impart aroma, and (I assume) filtered after.

Well, I tried diluting it to a 20% solution in IPM w/w, and the resulting liquid is brown, with suspended particles, with a mass of cocoa at the bottom of the vial, as expected.

Therefore, for fixed oil perfumes, (MCTs) I’m definitely stuck with the “steep and filter” method.

Now, my question is, would a pre-dilution of cocoa absolute in EthOH solubilise in a straight up IPM based roll on? Or should I just stick to the “steep and filter” method?
I am open to suggestions, feedback, both positive and constructive are much appreciated (;

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