Clive Christian celebrates with Fortnum and Mason and hints at new perfume


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Sep 29, 2000
Clive Christian celebrates with Fortnum and Mason and hints at new perfume

Last week an exclusive group of VIP clients were invited to the St James Restaurant at Fortnum & Mason to attend a special event celebrating the 10th anniversary of Clive Christian No.1 Perfume. Clive Christian also hinted that a new perfume may be joining the collection.



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Jul 16, 2009
The Clive Chrisitian line not only hinted at a new perfume but seem to have delivered as well. I was able to test both the men's and women's version of 'C' today. I liked them both enough to pre-order. Other than X, I believe the men's version - in particular - will go down as one of their best offerings. They are both fairly 'dry' and I do think the female version of C will rival X.

The men's has a dash of raspberry of all things, which I would have imagined would come across as femme. Not so, it's dry enough with the addition of guaic wood that it's just very different and not sweet at all. Imagine guaic and a slight raspberry tinged leather. It will need a light hand though, it CAN overpower - in my experience.

The female version of C is a wonder - it changes and morphs and circles back on itself continuously throughout the progression.
I'm detecting a slight raspberry in there as well but very lightly. This one needs a woman who isn't asking for permission and isn't particularly interested in forgiveness either. She's strong in other words.

These won't appeal to everyone but those who buy them will certainly wear them with confidence. Give em a test.

Mimi Gardenia

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Aug 15, 2008
Great pictures on the article ,Grant. Love Fortnums too . C the perfume sounds interesting- any other notes available ?


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Jan 17, 2007
Here are the notes for both versions:

"C" for Women Perfume Spray: "C" for Women embraces the Clive Christian Perfume House accord of Rose and Jasmine Absolute, yet here it is pushed to crescendo in union with Violet and Tuberose to reveal a perfume brimming with voluptuousness and dangerous pleasure.

Top Notes: Bergamot, coriander seed, lie de vin (cognac oil, wine sediment), narcisse (daffodil), geranium, mandarin, petitgrain, tagete (marigold)

Heart Notes: Tuberose, jasmine, rose, violet, osmanthus (apricot aroma), ylang ylang (placed on the beds of newlyweds in Indonesia), orange flower, cistus (rock rose labdanum resin/gum with a smoky, marshy scent)

Base Notes: Amber, vetiver (thin aromatic roots), vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood, musk

"C" for Men Perfume Spray: "C" for Men maintains the complex character of the Clive Christian Perfume House enhanced here with treasured Saffron spice and rare Snow Lotus, bringing a dominant spirit and seductive strength throughout the perfume.

Top Notes:White thyme, tea, green leaves, lemon, mate, elemi (resin with honey like, grassy, minty aroma), mandarin

Heart Notes: Jasmine, rose, cardamon, raspberry, cinnamon, clove, cistus (rock rose), saffron, orris,

Base Notes: oudh, amber, cedarwood, tobacco absolute, musk, vanilla, leather, cypress, treemoss, styrax, costus (snow lotus), tonka bean, olibanum (frankincense), guaiacwood


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Aug 1, 2010
I was in Fortnum & Mason yesterday, trying the Amouage Epic Male and Attar on my wrists and was given a test strip with a shot of C Men.
It smells like rasperries wrapped in tobacco and then soaked in addiction (is that the snow lotus?)
I didn't remember much about the Amouages after I put the test strip in my top pocket!
Every male who smelt the strip agreed it was interesting and after a third sniff one said "it is very addictive".
The tester still smells awesome after 24 hours so as soon as I'm back off holiday I'll be there offering my wrists with fingers crossed.
Its 50ml and Parfum strength only - one spray probably lasts days (£195 - which is more than I'd ever pay for a scent but is cheap for an addiction).


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Dec 4, 2007
I smelled this yesterday at NM...A delicious smokey woods steeping in deep expense. I did love the way this smelled, but it's way out of my price range.


May 3, 2012
Oh my god! I just saw the price for this brand's fragrances and they are obscene! they ought to smell perfect at those prices.

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