Cinnamon Mens Fragrances, Cinnamon Lovers must try


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Mar 17, 2011
CK Obsession for Men - in any version, this has one of the nicest openings ever in a fragrance - the cinnamon is key to it and stands out from the other sweet notes
Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur - it's nice, but blended with a lot of other notes in modern sort of way. Some may find this one overwhelming due to its strength and sweetness.
Halston Z14 - Along with Obesssion, this is probably your benchmark and the current version is cheap as chips. This is spicier to my nose but it smooths out after a while.

Tom Ford Italian Cypress has a really nice cinnamon note.

Yes, although no longer in production. Floris 1962 (also discontinued I think) is a good alternative to it and there are some bottles still around. The cinnamon in this is very well orchestrated - not sweet at all, mostly a spicy chypre.

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