Can anyone give me the website of a good reputable online retailer


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Nov 16, 2007
What's a good trustworthy online retailer that carries some of these more exclusive fragrances that you are all mentioning? I never know if these online retailers are carrying old stock etc.

Also, is there a good store in NYC to find these at?


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Nov 13, 2005

Good, but in Florida, not New York, and they don't carry a lot of exclusives.
Their service is excellent, though. Very friendly on the phone also. has some exclusive brands, such as Parfums de Nicolai,
and they give great service.
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Feb 16, 2007 is also good.

I found this one yesterday when someone mentioned they sold samples of almost everything. :)

The only thing is they seem to be out of stock on everything I wanted to order right now. But I signed up to be notified when they get more stock (fingers crossed!).


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Dec 17, 2003
I'll second
Their warehouse is located 4 miles from my house. In Orange County Calif.
I've gone inside a few times to purchase various fragrances and let me tell you, that place is huge.
My latest acquisitions were Knize 10, Bois du Portugal, and Chanel Pour Monsieur classic aftershave.
Check out the Creed section on the website. Lots of sample sizes.
Price wise, they are tough to beat.
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Nov 21, 2006

A very good selection, just about all the designers, a large collection of creeds and even some discountinued ones. Plus, it's one of the best prices for online retailers.

Used AAANY for 15% off entire order.


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Mar 9, 2005
I'll add perfume . com to the list. They have had hard to get fragrances that were priced better than scentiments, perfumania, etc... I just ordered a Michael Kors travel set (.5oz with two .5oz refills $20).


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Sep 4, 2007
I have dealt exclusively with and for my purchases, and couldn't be happier. They seem to beat most of the others on prices most of the least on what i buy.

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