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Nov 15, 2017
Today was my first time sampling By Kilian fragrances.

I really liked Straight to Heaven (not sure if I would like it on me or my husband or both)-but it's listed on fragrantica as "for men"

Also really liked Love, Don't be Shy and Woman in Gold.

Lower for me than those above- Voulez-vous and Straight to Heaven

The two I found way too sweet for my tastes- Liasons Dangereuses and Forbidden Games

What other By Kilian scents do you think are great? I've read great things about Back to Black. What do you think about Straight to Heaven Extreme or Splash of Lemon?


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May 29, 2015
Instead of Splash of Lemon I would recommend Lemon in Zest which is an intense and attractive lemon base fragrance.
My personal favorite is actually Black Phantom : Memento Mori, a modern boozy gourmand. It is worth giving it a try.


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Basenotes Plus
Oct 16, 2014
To me Beyond Love is the best feminine scent by's a tribute to femininity.the essence of seduction.
Back to Black,Love and Black Phantom are other great perfumes by Kilian.

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Mar 13, 2012
This reminds me I have Bamboo Harmony --I need to revisit it as it never made much of an impression but over time with perfume, that can always change.

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