Bois Naufragé 16.1 / Private Collection by Parfumerie Generale (2010)


Basenotes Dependent
Jan 12, 2007
Pierre Guillaume took the fig note in Kerylos and experimented with it, making this seaside-themed, limited edition scent. Naufrage means "shipwreck" in French, and we see beach-oriented notes in the middle, as well as ambergris (probably not beach-harvested, but I could be wrong) in the base.
This is different from Kerylos. It is quite woody, and there is a pleasant salty tang at the edges. No peach note here. Some grassy vetiver with an iodine edge works well in the mix. The scent is shimmering, sheer, and dry. I like it.
Top Notes: caroubier (egyptian fig tree)
Heart Notes: driftwood accord, fleur de sel
Base Notes: vetiver, ambergris


Basenotes Dependent
Jan 12, 2007
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I just re-discovered my sample of this and thought I'd try it again. It is good. Dry, woody, open texture (not heavy). Hints of vetiver. Enjoyable to wear -- I like it.

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