Blu Atlas Atlantis


Super Member
Aug 21, 2014
Anybody put thier nose on Blu Atlas Atlantis? It's trending and coming up a lot when I'm searching best 2023 fragrances.

Thoughts? Anybody try this yet?


Basenotes Dependent
Aug 15, 2008
FYI: It trends because that company pays for its own reviews to top these fake "Best Fragrance" lists. Their fake reviews are littered all over the web.
I don't even think Fragrantica has a listing for it in their database. Don't get suckered by that company's garbage "viral" marketing strategy.


Basenotes Dependent
Jun 13, 2009
It keeps popping up on random ads and searches; however, I've never seen it before in a store or even a discounter. This feels like one of those situations where the reviews you may find have been paid for...

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