Black Tie by Washington Tremlett


Basenotes Dependent
Jan 12, 2007
Starts with a spicy warm chord, very pleasant. The galbanum is muted, and doesn't overpower the mix. The floral heart is genteel and lovely, with a good rose note. The base is likewise subtle -- thankfully the vanilla and patchouli have been dialed back. Overall, this is a sophisticated gentleman's rose scent.
Top Notes: saffron, nutmeg, galbanum, sage
Heart Notes: roses, geranium, tuberose
Base Notes: sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli, musk


Basenotes Institution
Oct 25, 2007
Those top notes make it it sound like a nice yummy spice fest, but am always a bit cautious when it comes to tuberose. "Genteel" sounds tolerable for me.

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