Benvenuti a Milano (read first)


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Sep 29, 2000
Or welcome to Milan

This forum is designed so that anyone visiting Esxence in Milan over the next few days can report back on there finds. I will also be using it to post interesting things I find throughout the day, as it is a lot easier for me to post on the forums via my phone than write full-blown articles. I can then convert them to actual articles when I get back from the fair each night.

Once the week is over, this forum will move further down the boards!


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Oct 26, 2010
What a marvellous idea, Grant! And thanks for having moved my previous thread :smiley:
I'll be there, on Saturday or on Sunday, haven't decided yet. I have already written down a selection of brands I'll be visiting.
Any suggestion would be very very welcome, as usual!


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Apr 1, 2010
Hi Grant. Hi everyone. I was there today with some friends. I'll post some stuff when we get home. Having a good time in Milano!

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Hi everyone. We have two threads about Exsence. I posted this over at the other thread but at the risk of boring everyone to sleep I decided to post it here too.

OK, here we go. I'll try to be succinct.....(unlikely)

Fist of all we had a fantastic weekend in Milan. There were six of us there and we have all been several times before but I must say that we really enjoyed Milan so much this time. The sun was shining and there just seemed to be a great atmosphere in Milan this weekend.

So, Esxence. Well, I have a few things to say about it below but lets start with the fragrance. Bear in mind that there were around 160 exhibitors so you just have to target some and dip in where you can. I know that I will have completely missed a lot of great stuff.

I have three absolute standouts (both in terms of the fragrances AND the people presenting them), and some honourable mentions. Here they are, just in the order that we discovered them;

Masque Milano;

Terrific! I am really blown away by this whole collection, and I also want to tell you that Alessandro Brun, co- founder and creative director, gave me a lot of time and he personally talked me through the whole collection one at a time. He understood that I was genuinely interested and he was informative and very pleasant in return. He gave me samples of the range. Favourites are Terralba and Russian Tea. Meeting him and discovering Masque fragrances was one of the highlights of my visit.

X - Ray Profumo. (The collection in it's new presentation seems to be called XRX Profumo). An oasis of FUN in a sea of snobbery. They are delightful! There seems to be little written about this brand. I don't know this, but I think that maybe the first launch didn't become that well known? They are being relaunched with a new presentation. But I tell you, the fragrances made us *smile*. They simply smelled great, and for me they stood out amongst some very sombre and serious collections. I think sometimes that we forget that above all perfume is meant to make you feel good! And this collection made my friend and I feel good. Ray Burns complete lack of pretension was so refreshing. Despite being very stylish, and handsome, and having a long history in a very chic business, he was fun, funny, and on the level. I didn't get the name of the woman that was working with him. I wish I had. She was lovely and she had lots to say about the fragrances. I'm looking forward to telling you more about these. And I can do that because they also gave us samples.

Jul et Mad;

Beautiful, intelligent, and elegant. And the fragrances aren't bad either..........

I was nearly done in when we decided that we had to stop at Jul et Mad, and I am so pleased that we did. We met both Julien and Madalina and they were charming and lovely. The fragrances are wonderful, elegant, very chic. I absolutely fell for Terrasse a St_Germain, on the spot, and my friend was crazy about one of the others ( I can't remember which one). They gave us each a "love dose" of our favourite, which is a beautifully presented little miniature. I must order samples of the others somewhere so that I can join in a chat about them.

Honourable mentions to;

Bruno Acampora. Lovely friendly women and very generous with their samples which were offered enthusiatically. (not a common occurrence I can tell you !) I can't say much about the fragrances yet but I am really looking forward to trying them at my leisure.

Very helpful, and interested in customers. gave us lovely little sample sets and brochures which I much look forward to trying properly.

Mark Buxton.
Because my friends would kill me if I didn't mention him! I didn't have much time at his stand myself but two of my friends had met him before and were keen to visit his stand again. One of my friends has his whole collection except the new ones and she will definately get those too, and he is a laugh.

Castle Forbes. The Scottish ones that I had never smelled! It turns out they stock them in a place about two miles from my house! Male grooming type. Old fashioned and gentlemanly. I really liked their Fougere, "1445" and I will buy it.

Angelo Pregoni . An honourable mention for Mr Pregoni. I know, I know. Say what you like and yep there was an installation with meat and fish on it, and yep, there was a buzz in the cafe about him. But I can only say that I met him and he was very gentlemanly. He was talking me through his newer fragrances and the concepts behind them. Then the press came to film him and we had to skedaddle out of the frame, but he directed an assistant to continue to attend to us. More to come about the exhibition itself and someone else that I met.........

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I've posted part two over on the other thread,

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