Avobenzone Dilution


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Jul 24, 2021
Has anyone successfully made a liquid dilution of Avobenzone (like having a separate container of a useable liquid version)? I have the raw powder and i know i can probably just use it like that in the fragrance concentrate...but im trying to make a separate 10% dilution so i can be a bit more accurate with dosing it in the fragrance concentrate.

10% in DPG - No go. It wont fully dilute even with heat and a magnetic stirrer.
10% in Ethyl Alcohol (200 proof) - it kinda dilutes, but its still a powdery cloud. After 15min, it all just falls to the bottom of the beaker and separates.

I must be missing something here, cause if it wont dilute at 10% in Ethyl alcohol...I must be missing something to use this in alcoholic spray fragrances.....


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Jul 24, 2021

Avobenzone can be solved 5mg /ml, it’s very soluble, you can warm up the Ethanol a little, or use IPM​

...can be solved 5mg /ml

This doesnt make sense to me by using 2 different measurement types (weight vs volume) for making a useable pre-diluted liquid bottle.

Sounds to me like ill just be adding it raw (powder) in the final dilution phase of the fragrance making

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