Aventus 20h11n how many sprays?


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Mar 2, 2021
hey all i have a flacon of 20h11n and it sucks!! ive had it for 2 years so its got tons of oxygen but 5 sprays and no feedback or compliments. i feel like it doesn't project or last which doesn;t make sense

do i need to up the sprays on this? ive been doing back of neck and forearms when i spray



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Dec 4, 2015
5 Sprays i use at home for myself... when i am out and about i always spray about 10 times and above - from wrist up the arms to neck and the other side as well - and also a few shots on the side of my shirt.
i dont understand the shyness of spraying and smelling awesome - i wear fragrance for my own pleasure and i dont care if i annoy anyone (which i never do) it is indeed the opposite.
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May 8, 2008
i dont know what the purpose of a scent is for you, if you arent able to smell yourself how on earth could anybody else smell you than ?
It's called olfactory habituation, or going nose blind. When your brain encounters a smell that is very strong and persistent, it begins to filter it out (you no longer smell it), so that your brain and nose can focus on other things. This is for sure happening to you if you need 20+ sprays.

You can spray as much as you like, but know that you're going overboard, and people can smell you from the across the room, even when you, yourself, cannot.

If you want to actually smell your fragrance, then you should take a break, or try spraying less. It's counter intuitive, but less is more, for your olfactory receptors.

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