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Sep 17, 2005
Hi everyone!

I wonder if anyone can tell me what the best place to shop for fragrance in Athens, Greece is. I have tried the major department stores and the Sephora on Ermou street, but I just can't find any Carons, very limited Guerlains, only Madame Rochas from Rochas, and forget any of the niche fragrances (except for Anick Goutal, I found some of those fragrances at the Attica center)!

I would really appreciate it if any members living in Athens or having lived in Athens in the recent past could steer me in the right direction. Ordering unsniffed seems so risky :-/


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Jul 20, 2003
i was in athens several times this summer, and i too had trouble with fragrances. other than the sephora you spoke of, and the department store across the street, i had a hard time finding fragrances that were non mainstream. i picked up a bottle of dior homme when it was released in greece earlier in the summer, but other than that, there wasn't much else worth picking up. i found the prices a bit higher in greece than other parts of europe. (surprisingly, the cheapest fragrances i found were in the duty free shop in kusadasi, turkey, where i got a limited edition cdg 2 for 22 euros).

i'm going back to athens again this summer, so if anyone has any info, please pass it along


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Feb 6, 2004
Hondos Center in Omonoia square is the among the biggest department stores in Athens and has the greatest variety of desgner's scents.Almost identical is Notos Galleries,in the other side of Omonoia square.One kilometer away is Attica Center ,in Panepistimiou street,an upmarket department store,with wide variety of designer's scents and the ONLY place I know in Athens that sells niche fragrances.
Indeed the prices are higher compared to other European cities and there is no place to find bargains,there are not fragrance outlets, BUT twice a year (mid January and mid July) the sales are rather generous:Starting from next Monday and for one week you can buy every YSL,Cartier,Channel,Hermes or...Tommy,CK, etc. for about 30 euros for the 50 ml bottle,or for about 40 euros for the 100 ml bottle.(double the above prices to get the original prices!). I am completely ignorant of the pricing of niche scents.
These are the prices you can get in the (former duty free) shops of International Airport of Athens too,where if an item is promoted,you get another 20% off.


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Dec 29, 2004
I agree HONDOS CENTER gives the best prices..I find them cheaper at duty free airport shops!You automatically get 30% discount off normal price anmd where thee is sale you get 50% off!The sale is going o now!

Notos Galleries carries some good ones...L"Occitane..I discovered they have bought here LOEWE fragrances which is great!!

ATTICA store has Annick Goutal....and some other hard to find..SEphora has CSP fragrances...

You can find L'Artisans, some smaller exclusive boutique shops in Kiffisia and Glyfad..Psycho,They do it exist!Its just a matter of doing your research!

In all I would say HONDOS has a VAST selection of fragrances!!Certaintly all the major ones out and othes not so known.


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Sep 18, 2005

Body and Soul (Kolonaki, Psychiko, Glyphada)
Has: Creed, Piguet, L'artisan, Aqua di parma, Diptyqe, Cote Bastide

Beautyhabits (Kolonaki, Kifisia)
Has: Miller Harris, Floris, Penhaligon's, Etro

Heaven on Earth (Psychiko, Kifisia)
Has: Fresh, Goutal

Makeup spy (Kolonaki)
Has: Chantecaille

Natura (Kolonaki)
Has: Goutal, L'artisan, Fragonard, a couple Molinards, lots of other stuff for home fragrancing

There is also a L'Occitane shop (which changed address recently though)
NOTOS GALLERIES has L'Occitane too.

The whole Aqua di Parma line at Lakis Gavalas boutiques (for clothes).

Those boutiques import many other things as well and there might be additions I am not aware of.

ATTICA has Goutal, Penhaligons, Floris, Laura Mercier, Jo Malone (the whole line in all of them, pretty much).

HONDOS has the whole export Serge Lutens line (in Ermou, Omonoia and a couple of other stores), also Sisley, Narciso, Marc Jacobs, Lanvin and L'anarchiste by Caron (the only one in the line they have)

SEPHORA has E.Coudray, Marc Jacobs, Eisenberg, Stacked Style, Fresh Index, Clean and CSP

The whole Hermessences line is at the Hermes boutique at Stadiou, along with all the other Hermes scents (which are also in the department stores)

Older Guerlains can be found at Elefterios Venizelos airport duty-free.(but not all)

PER PRODUCT LIST (for refererance):

Serge Lutens (export line) : Hondos center at the Shiseido counter ( Omonoia , Ermou , kifisia )--Sociphar company imports them (call them for info)
Narciso Rodriguez : Hondos everywhere
L'artisan perfumeur : Body and Soul (Halandri , Glyfada) and Natura ( Kolonaki)
Diptyque : Body and Soul
Piguet (Fracas, Bandit ) : Body and Soul
Cote Bastide : Body and Soul
Comptoir Sud Pacifique : Sephora
Clean : Sephora
Marc Jacobs : Sephora
Fresh Index : Sephora
Comme des Garcons (some only) : Hondos and Sephora
Comme des Garcons -red line , incense line, green line etc : Hondos Thessaloniki
Jessica Simpson line : Sephora
Calypso/St Barth: Heaven on earth ( Kifisia)
Fresh : Heaven on earth
Annick Goutal : Heaven on earth and Hondos (omonoia)
Britney Spears : Sephora
Stacked Style : Sephora
Bobbi Brown : Hondos (kifissia) and Attica ( panepistimiou)
Jo Malone : Attica
Kiehl's : Beautyworks ( Kifissia , Kolonaki)
Jenny B candles : Beautyworks
E.Coudray : Beautyworks
Chantecaille : Makeup spy ( Kolonaki)
Floris : Beautyworks
Miller Harris : Beautyworks
Aqua di Parma : Lakis Gavalas
L'occitane : Notos Galleries and at the L'occitane shop at Kolonaki (patriarchou Ioakeim)
Prada : Hondos , Sephora
Santa Maria Novella : Prifti drugstore ( kifissia) and -I think- at Body and Soul too.
Yves Rocher : at their reps and at Patision (there is a store)
Avon : same as Rocher
Yankee candles : Parousiasi stores
Guerlain (older and limited editions ) : Duty free El.Venizelos
Caron ( only L'anarchiste , sadly ) : Hondos at Clarins
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Sep 18, 2005
Adding Laura Mercier line and Costes: they can be found at Attica beauty hall.


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Dec 15, 2007
Hi there!
I lived in Athens for about a year and recall buying fragrances in Hondos Center. There was also a jam-packed fragrance shop near Omonia, at the corner of the street on which Omonia is, and the beginning of Eolou Street. I was there about 1 year ago and I believe I saw many Guerlains in that shop, though honestly I was too dazzled (and broke) to buy anything :)! Good luck!
By the way, does anyone know if Biagiotti's "Venezia" is still available in Greece?
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Jul 24, 2006
Helg this is the most extensive list of niche importers to my knowledge.


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Jul 24, 2006
To my knowledge you can't find them. Anyone with a suggestion?


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Jul 24, 2006
I just found out a new house available in Athens:

available at
Tonic Essentials
Old Athens

24 - 26 Pallados st.
105 54 Athens Greece

Tel 00302103317371
Fax :00302103317372
skype: tonicess1

Edit: I got a chance to visit Tonic essentials today. Great place, never advertised. A wonderful lady owner will guide you through the collections of Etro, Costume Nationale, Parfums d' Empire, Parfums Del Raye, Frapin, Esteban, Lubin and some others I cannot remember. Highly recommended!
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Jul 24, 2006
After five enqiries to the stockist in Athens as it appears in the official Parumerie Generale site, I finally found out that they are available at the Sohosho shop, 8 Kolokotroni str, Kifissia.


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Feb 10, 2008
I was in Athens last week and noticed a small shop in Kolonaki, on Irodotou street (no 19 I think), that carried Acqua di Biella among other things. I didn't have the time to go in so I just looked in the window. Maybe the store has already been mentioned here, I don't remember the name of it.


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Oct 4, 2008
Body and Soul sells Acqua di Biella, but they no longer bring Acqua di Parma, at least that's what I
got out of my last visit there.


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Jul 24, 2006
I just ordered some spray vials for samples. So anyone who wants to try something from my wardrobe just send me a pm and I can send a sample with an empty test vial so we can swap samples.
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Jul 4, 2006
3 out of the 4 JULIETTE HAS A GUN scents can be found at : JET BLACK 41 LAODIKIS STR., GLYFADA – TEL. +30 210 8944226 (overpriced though)


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Jul 24, 2006
Quite exciting news. A selection of the Montale line will be available in Athens very soon! Will be back with details when they are here.


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Sep 3, 2009
Hi everyone! I was trying to organize all the informations for the perfume' google map of Athens, hope it will help)

Since I am not living in Athens, I can't guarantee that these informations are correct. I collected informations from stores' and brands' websites, as well as from this thread. So you are more than welcome to correct me. Hope, someone, who's living in Athens, can clarify some points or correct my data so we can organize current list for perfume place in Athens here:rolleyesold:.
Steve? Cpk? Any wrong informations below? :grin: Something to add?

There it is :) Lots of questions and lots of informations.


9, Panepistimiou Avenue
37a, Kifisias Avenue (Golden Attica beauty hall)
Annick Goutal, Jo Malone, Linari, Molton brown
+ Beautyworks corner with Abahna, Acqua di Parma, Diptyque, E.Coudray, Floris, Laura Mercier, Miller Harris, Penhaligon's

:confused: Is there actually Acqua di Parma and Costes at Attica' beautyworks corner? Couldn't find any informations on the store's website.
And what about Tom Ford Private Blend?

Beautyworks stores
Xanthou 10 (Kolonaki)
8 Kolokotroni Str (Kifissia)
In both of them: Abahna, Acqua di Parma, Diptyque, E.Coudray, Floris, Hotel Costes, Laura Mercier, Miller Harris, Penhaligon's

Body 'N Soul
Omirou 11 (Psychiko).
23 Herodotou Street (Kolonaki)
In both of them: Amouage, Jean Charles Brosseau, L'Artisan, Les Parfums de Rosine,
Additionally The one on Omirou also has Creed and Mona di Orio.
The one on Irodotou has Acqua di Biella.

Tonic Essentials
Pallados St. 24-26 (Psirri)
Costume Nationale, Etro, Etat Libre d'Orange, Frapin, Lubin, Nobile 1942, Parfums d' Empire, Parfums DelRae.

:confused: That's what I am completely unsure of. There were partial data collected from several sites. DelRae and Lubin are for sure... what about others?

Shop and Trade
Akominatou 37.

:confused: This address was also given on Miller Harris homepage, however as one of the Beautyworks' stores

Satellite boutique
4 rue Xanthou (Kolonaki)

Voukourestiou 1
Hermessence' line

Heaven on Earth
Levidou 16 (Kifissia).
Annick Goutal, Molton Brown

:confused: Does it actually still have Fresh and Calypso?

Free shop Melissa Metaxa
Voukourestiou 50 (Kolonaki).
Juliette has a Gun, Six Scents

Venizelou 91
Histoires de Parfums, Juliette has a Gun

10 milioni st
Comptoir Sud Pacifique, L'Artisan
Natura at Kyriazi 21 (Kifissia) has Crabtree&Evelyn

:confused: Does the store on Milioni still has Annick Goutal, Fragonard and Molinard?

There was Crabtree&Evelyn at Hondos (Irakliou Avenue 275 and Hippocratous 3)
But what about the main store in Omonia Square? It used to carry Annick Goutal, Caron and Serge Lutens.. still there? :confused:

Kolokotroni 8
Parfumerie Generale

:confused: Soho is also given as point of sale on Creed' and Histoires de Parfums' webpages, however the address, given there, is Kolokotroni 101, can anyone clarify it?

There were also 3 Sephoras (24 Ermou, Kasaveti str. 6 (KIFISSIA) and A. Metaxa str. 33 (GLYFADA) ) which were selling E.Coudray.
:confused: Any other brands there? Fresh, Clean, Comptoir Sud Pacifique?

Laodikis 41
Juliette has a Gun

Anagnostopoulou 29
Six Scents

Comme des Garcons
Patriarchou Ioakeim 16 (NUMBER 3).

:confused: There also used to be Acqua di Parma at Lakis Gavalas shops, but I didn't find exact addresses (the one on their homepage is Voukourestiou 50 , but that's identical with the Free shop address... so what??=)) )

Last but not least, there are Kai' fragrances which can be found at some Carouzos' stores. Unfortunately no exact addresses :(
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Jul 24, 2006
Hi Daria

I 'll comment on your post as I go through it.
Attica has a lot of brands, I can't remember seeing Acqua di Parma though. In the Attica shop in Golden Hall Mall there is also the Linari Perfume line. The Costes line can be found at beautyworks in Kolonaki.
Body n' Soul now also carries Byredo.
Your info on Tonic Essentials is right. My favourite place :)
Heaven on Earth is now almost exclusively Annick Goutal (the most complete collection in Athens) and Molton Brown
Soho has moved. It is now on the ground floor of a mall in Kolokotroni street but its collection is very limited. 4 or 5 PG's, a couple of Creeds, a couple of Carthusia's and a couple of Histoires des Parfums. I think they must be slowly letting the perfume business go.
Hondos carries the Lutens line but they seem to be selling what they have left and not stocking up any more.
Notos Galleries near Omonoia has some interesting stuff.


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Jul 4, 2006
Hi Daria,
I' ll go with cpk, he is a dear friend and knows most of the "perfume" spots of Athens.
I 'll just add the Priftis Pharmacy (Papadiamanti 10 Kifissia) with some Santa Maria Novella's and the new and ultra expensive Brioni that can be found at the Carouzos boutique (Kolonaki branch only).
Are you planning to visit Athens?


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Nov 4, 2010
What about Tom Ford fragrances and especially Donna Karan Essence range (Chaos, Black Cashmere etc.). Anyone knows where to buy the old Black Cashmere (black stone-like bottle), maybe a small perfumery? What about all Boucheron fragrances?
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Jul 24, 2006
New Year News: Diptyque @ the new Beautyworks shop @ Dexameni, Kolonaki
MP&G @ Body and Soul, N. Psichiko (as well as Byredo and Amouage)
A Happy New Year to each and every one.
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Sep 1, 2010
What about Tom Ford fragrances

l was in Athens a couple of weeks ago, & the Attica store on Panepistimiou had all of the Private Blends!

They also had E.Coudray, Floris, Miller Harris & Jo Malone, but l didn't see any Goutals. Apparently a new Guerlain section is being added soon, but l don't know how large a selection they will have.

The Hondos Centre certainly have a huge selection of designer fragrances, including some l haven't seen that often, like Gres & Lalique, but no sign of any Serge Lutens.

l was impressed with the selection at Notos Galleries, which included the Guerlain Aqua Allegorias, Marc Jacobs Splashes, & the Estee Lauder Private Collection series.

l also kept seeing Roberto Cavalli's Oro everywhere, although l understood it had been discontinued; l've never seen it here in the UK!

If you're passing through Athens airport, l too recommend a browse around the duty-free shop; the prices are excellent, & in many cases cheaper than most online discounters! :)


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May 15, 2011
Annick Goutal, Diptyque, Guerlain, Tom Ford Private Blend line @ Attica, been there today.
Does anybody know where I can find Caron in Athens?


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Dec 29, 2004
You will find plenty of the lines Attica..Beautyshop..Hondos and some shops in Kiffiissia...Kolonaki and Glyfada for exclusive lines..I got MOLECULES #1 in Glyfada.....was much wanting it..


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Dec 31, 2010
Hey guys anyone seen a bottle of Gucci Envy for men anywhere in Athens?I've been searching a lot but couldn't find any.If you know a store still has it please let me know!


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Jul 24, 2006
And if you do find it you should buy all the bottles and put them up on e-bay. Very hard to find!


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Dec 31, 2010
And if you do find it you should buy all the bottles and put them up on e-bay. Very hard to find!

Yeah thats true.I have even managed to get D&G By Man to my hands but i am not that lucky with this one.I guess i will have to buy it from the internet.;)


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Jan 11, 2012
Hello Carlita,
Could you please tell me exactly the name and the address where you bought the Molecule 1 at Glifada?
Thanks a lot


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Dec 29, 2004
Sorry..I do not know address as I do not live in Glyfada..was just passing thru with a was at LIZZY Boutique...


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Jan 11, 2012
Sorry for boderng, but could you remember at least was it in the main street,. where tram passes by and where you can find most of the shops? Or if you can remember some famous brand store which is near, since I do not now well Glyfada?

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