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Sep 16, 2018
There is a thread HERE with some precious info on a couple of these, but they now list 7 fragrances in their offering, and in the meanwhile a renaming/rapacking has occurred, so I thought that it was the good time for an update, through a comprehensive discussion thread.
From the very few reviews I could find around, it sounds like they seems to be leaning feminine and very nice but not really anything new, with intimate projection, and overpriced (but what is not nowadays, afterall...).

Are these essential or just an 'already smelt before' marketing-guy designed cash-grabbing line? Are these artistic creations with a soul, with various stages, or just another high-end linear 'aura bubble' just-smells-better-than-your-colleague functionnal fragrances?

What are your thoughts on these fragrances? If owning any, could you please describe them? Which ones are unequivocably Femme, and which could be pulled out by both genders easily? (I's subjective, but still...)

Thank you in advance for your help!


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Oct 25, 2007
Own all of them and have been wearing them long before they made their way to the US. Wonderful French house and great scents.
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Basenotes Plus
May 18, 2021
So funny your posting- I’m just sampling Santal Blond and I find it to be essentially a less sweet mash up version of SJP’s Stash with Maja Njie’s Vanilj. its ok. I like it better than Stash and less than Vanilj In the top and middLe. Dries down into that slightly sour synthetic sandalwood.

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