Areej le Doré : The Official Discussion Thread


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Sep 19, 2019
Wore OZ since there is so much buzz about it, to see if my opinion changed. Overall no, but my bottle developed an interesting heart that reminds me of Absolue pour le soir wrapped in the OZ drydown. This surely wasnt there before and its a great addition to the scent that was pretty linear at first.
Still not Adams best creation, but not bad, not bad.
Talking about ouds - i find AdN to beat Russian oud. To me russian oud starts really nice, but drydown is a little too sweet and thin. AdN adds more base and chocolaty noyes are more pronounced, darker and less sweet which is great.
I do think that with time itll surpass RO.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Sep 18, 2020
AdN seems a bit more linear in comparison to OZ, to me the AdN is pretty much just a dark gourmand funk juice that's enjoyable but gets old pretty quickly. While OZ still dances around it with a more lively scent profile.

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