Are Fragrance oils made from Aroma Chemicals??


May 26, 2015
I only use fragrance oils in candle making, and quite honestly, have always viewed them as quite inferior to aroma chemicals. Something about them just seems/smells way more synthetic then the ACs. Understanding that fragrance oils are blends, the question is, are they blended with aroma chemicals? let's use habanolide as an example. It is an aroma chemical. Habanolide mixed with say, jasmolactone or cashmeran would then be a fragrance oil??

I have never used a fragrance oil in my perfume making, and am now wondering if my snotty attitude toward them is unfounded. Help!


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May 25, 2020
I highly, highly doubt there is a drop of any natural extract (essential oil, absolute, resinoid) in anything labeled as a "Fragrance oil". In my experience with fragrance oils, they smell like a rather poorly blended mess of even more poorly chosen aromachemicals.

AJ Dave

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Aug 5, 2020
I also noticed commonly available fragrance oils smell harsh, very fake, and not nice. This turned me off to aroma chemicals for a long time, but none of my aroma chemicals have the "fragrance oil" smell, so I also wonder about this.


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Apr 25, 2018
"Fragrance oil" is just a generic label that covers "pre-made black-box product, that someone else made, and won't tell you what's in it". They're typically either not intended for perfumery, or more often are just low-quality ripoff clones with poor performance.

"Aromachemicals" covers literally any material used for its aroma, so...I'm sure there are aromachemicals in it by definition, yes. ;p That isn't really a relevant point, though.


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Feb 18, 2018
ACs are an made chemicals, naturals are obviously made by nature- but quite possibly manipulated by man- ie - isolates
Problem with fragrance oils is : no one knows what’s in them. Most likely the most inexpensive materials that fit he bill. More importantly, the actual list will probably shift if they can’t source the material (s) at a reasonable price or just can’t source them at all.
Even if you had a high end manufacturer ( which I am sure exists) one is paying for their expertise- and thy too will change things w/o notice.
First of all- if I got into candle making, I might resort to FOs because it is a completely different animal: the amount needed is highand in a totally different ratio-also there is no small test- you have to make a candle and see how it throws- which in my case would probably mean a hundred small bad smelling candles , lol.
Companies make accords, for perfumery, which is akin to a FO in concept, but again, no one knows what’s in it- although more than likely, stable materials that are not just chosen for cost. But those accords change w/o notice, or get pulled- so people here discuss making their own accords-

Essential oils etc are made in a sense, with acs, albeit really complicated and long lists
I think we are talking quality more than anything else

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