any experience with musk root (ferula moschata) absolute?


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May 18, 2023
it's sold by apothecary's garden and sounds very special! would love to hear from anyone's experience incorporating it in formulas

(if anyone has tried their extracts of bushman's candle, copal blanco, copal santo, mastic, protium copal, propolis, or sweet castoreum, I'm also very interested in hearing impressions of those!)
Oct 11, 2022
I've made a tincture from the roots I bought from him. At 25%, it is very strong and it has great fixative power.
In a blend, it acts like an animalic but it also has a botanical note similar to green spikenard.
The absolute he makes is not what I would call an absolute. It is a strong tincture that was left to evaporate and thicken.
It has been discussed on this forum before, and I think we should name things for what they are.
The sweet castoreum is great, much milder and less leather than regular castoreum. But very pricey !
Out of the others you mention, protium copal is one that surprised me... It's sweet and gentle. The other copals are not worth it in my humble opinion.
His propolis is one of the cleanest I've seen and I made a good tincture with it.
But raw propolis that hasn't been cleaned can give interesting results also.
When it's really raw and fresh, it can give the tincture a 'hive' smell. It's not like beeswax absolute, but it shares similarities.

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