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Jan 26, 2016
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If any issues arise with shipping time I will let you know. Communication is key!
All items have been smelled before listing and are in great condition unless otherwise noted. Please read! :)
Please view all photos and ask questions prior to purchase. Most items are partial and all have been tested. No returns or refunds.
All perfumes have been stored in the proverbial cool, dark closet.
Thank you!

SOLD Armani Mania 50ml Eau de Parfum $175 shipped.
Dune Esprit de Parfum 30ml $100 shipped.
Ormonde Jayne Woman 120ml $100 shipped.

SOLD Lalique Fleur Universelle 100ml $100 shipped.
Slumberhouse Fjerne extrait 30ml $250 shipped. No bag.
Ganache Parfums Toasted size unmarked $25 shipped. Smells like ethyl maltol/cotton candy gourmand.
Caswell-Massey Sandalwood Cologne 88ml $45 shipped.
Halston Amber Woman Eau de Parfum $80 shipped. Missing at most 3 ml, probably more like 2ml. Made one 1ml sample and sprayed a handful of times.
Amouage Ciel Woman Eau de Parfum 100ml $135 shipped.
Bijan Woman Eau de Parfum VinTAGE 50ml $70 shipped. This is the old, deep, rich formula.
Amouage Ayoon Al Maha Attar 3ml Black Box $140 shipped.

Amouage Ayoon Al Maha Attar 30ml Red Box $60 shipped. Not sure the amount left, it is small. See photo.
SOLD Amouage Gold Woman Eau de Parfum 100ml TESTER bottle. Non-magnetic cap. $150 shipped. I can include a Gold box that is to a different bottle if you like. Serial numbers will be different on box and bottle.
Marilyn Miglin Pheromone EdP 30ml $30 shipped.
TRNP Wan Chai 30ml $120 shipped.
Mitsouko Eau de Cologne Watch Bottle 1.5 oz. $45 shipped. Peach top notes aren't very strong at first but come out with a vengeance between 10 and 20 minutes. Wait for it...
Carven Ma Griffe pure perfume 1/6 oz $40 shipped.
Carven Ma Griffe pure perfume 1/3 oz $60 shipped.
Van Cleef & Arpels First EdT ViNTAGE 30ml $30 shipped.
Amouage Rayaheen Attar - 2 small decants from another perfumista a long while ago. Don't remember the size. $60 shipped for both.
YSL Rive Gauche Body Parfum Spray 1 oz Vintage Aerosal Can, doesn't work. If you are a wizard and can get the perfume out, there's about half left by feel... $10 shipped.
Hey Ma, Look What I can Do! Blue Crystal bottle with a small amount of Ayoon Al Maha & a taif rose essential oil that was $60 for 1ml. $25 shipped for my oud/rose experiment. The seal isn't the greatest on the bottle.
Lanvin My Sin pure perfume 1/8 oz partial bottle, small amount left. $25 shipped.
L'Heure Bleu Eau de Toilette 5ml. Box has a label on the top. $60 shipped.
Slumberhouse Jeke extrait 30ml has dust bag. $375 shipped.
Caron Narcisse Noir vintage extrait 30ml. The bottle was unopened when I purchased it from eBay. I think it's good, but a bit softer than a fresh, modern extrait, which I have for comparison. To be expected from a seriously old perfume. $250 shipped.
Thierry Mugler Angel La Source 10ml Refill $25 shipped.
For Strange Women November In the Temperate Deciduous Forest Perfume Necklace. Honestly don't remember how many ml this is. Also, it doesn't stand up on its own. Has sediment, it's a natural perfume. $100 shipped. Will include natural perfume fixative in tin from For Strange Women (only a small amount used) with it.

SOLD Maison Anthony Marmin Islamabad 3ml attar $35 shipped.
Maison Anthony Marmin Wahran 3ml attar $15 shipped.

Maison Anthony Marmin Taif Rose 3ml attar $35 shipped.








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