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Jan 15, 2008
From the Note Identification Project Thread:

Ambrox DL - 2% dilution in ethanol: a rather strong smell of something that seems familiari but which I cannot place, something marine but mineral and dry, like hot sand. It becomes slightly powdery in the drydown. To my nose, it does not smell like ambergris and is not even reminiscent of it (nor does it smell anywhere near resin-based amber, BTW). Note: Described by industry as animalic amber.

Ambroxan: this one i liked immensely. it is ambery with very soft mellow notes and a hint of wood and even frankincense(?). i think i could wear just that and be happy with this scent.

Ambroxan: clean, woody, ambery (?) musk. I like this one too!

Ambroxan – Not technically a musk, I think. Sweet, floral, ambery, animalic. I like this base.
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May 5, 2006
Tried Molecule 02 today: very faint, pleasantly fruity and sweet on paper strip; immensely powerful and stinky on skin, absolutely terrible.


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Apr 24, 2012
Ambroxan in crystalline form can be bought from fairly inexpensively (.5oz for $16) it's easy to dissolve into perfumers alcohol. My dillution doesn't seem nearly as pleasant as Escentric Molecule's "molecule 02" But I do not know the dillution they used. My dillution is faint and I am more able to smell it after its dry down. Definitely a synthetic scent. But it's beautiful nonetheless!


Feb 23, 2012
Where do you get pure ambroxan? Is it from ambergris or is it synthetic?

to my understanding ambroxan is what perfumers use today instead of ambergris (not used anymore), as its synthetic version

Juliett has a gun Not a perfume is 100% ambroxan.....and to my nose this is so dull :), i can smell it but i dont like it, and would compare it to modern art where they sell nice white screen with black dot on :)

David Ruskin

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May 28, 2009
As I wrote last July, Ambroxan is a synthetic material made from Sclariol. It is a strange material in that a solution of it smells stronger than the concentrate. Indeed, some people have difficulty smelling it at all. Those that can, appreciate its subtlety, and its warmth. For a single chemical (albeit with many isomers) it is one of the most complex smells around.

David Ruskin

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May 28, 2009
I have noticed with a few materials that a solution smells stronger than the concentrate. Ambroxan, Karanal, even Vanillin do this for me. When I first smelled Karanal, at a BSP one day symposium we were told by the presenter than about 40.0% of the population could not smell it. I was one of that 40.0%, whilst others in the room were recoiling from their smelling strips. It was only whenI smelled Karanal at a ery, very low dilution that I could smell it at all. We were testing the performance of various aroma chemicals in Fabric Conditioner. We used the aroma chemical at 0.2% in the FC base, and tested it for strength and retentivity:- out of the jar, on wet cloth (i.e cloth that had been rinsed in the FC), on dry cloth after 24 hours, and after a week. I could smell nothing out of the jar and on wet cloth. After 24 hours I could smell Karanal, and it seemed to get stronger as time went by. I can only guess that some materials are so strong they flood our receptors and overwhelm them. If only a few molecules, stimulate a few receptors then we have a chance to detect that material.

James Peterson

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Dec 20, 2011
I find that ambroxan, combined with a little oak moss, smells like real ambergris. It gives restraint and finesse to these wood perfumes I've been working on.

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Aug 24, 2013

Originally Posted by James Peterson :huh: .

But in short order, I am able to smell it again.

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Chris Bartlett

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Basenotes Plus
Jul 17, 2011

Originally Posted by thanks sixx :huh: .

But in short order, I am able to smell it again.

Just adding to this in case it is useful to people that Ambrofix (from Givaudan) is the same chemical as Ambroxan (a brand name belonging to Kao), a single isomer from a natural starting material. There are tiny differences between them because the manufacturing processes are different but in essence you can freely substitute one for the other. I reported my comparative analysis of the these in this thread on Basenotes. The same is not true of Ambrox DL or several other similarly named materials which are either different isomers (mixtures of isomers) or different molecules altogether.

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Jul 24, 2013
The newest scent I've tried with a lot of ambroxan is diors sauvage I like it a lot

see: i do not understand that when it is in Armani Code or 1 Million $ i can smell it in a metro station from like 900 feet away--but in Savage i do not smell it at all.


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Jan 26, 2016
Ambroxan is on my list of things to buy - along with ISO E Super, and perfumers alcohol, to mix my own at home. I love these scents but can't bring myself to pay Escentric Molecules prices when that is all they contain, especially when poor Tom Ford is hurtin' so bad and really needs my money.


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May 11, 2014
I bought a little amount of ambroxan from a supplier and didn't use it for maybe 4-5 days.But when i was near of it or sometimes maybe automatically smelled from 2-3 meters.I love it because it has been used many of brand perfumes and i smelled it at thierry mugler alien,creed aventus and maybe other lots of brand perfumes.It is not only ambergris odor, it is synthetic but not only ambergris but also other odors i cant describe.If i smelled it very nearly, it smells like ambergris but ıf i smell it from 1-2 metres it smells others.But it is wonderfull.I use it on my formula and mix with musk scent and some other chemicals and the mix was huge.I didnt believe what i do so beautifull wtih my hands.

But as you know ambroxan has lots of quality with same name.At you can find it from 1$/kg to 900$/kg.

I recommend all you didnt smell it before,smell it and go to paradise. :-D

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