Absence of Memory

Okay, the days go much faster as we grow older. Or so it seems.
Lately I have been pondering about the earliest 'Scents' that I can remember.
Was it the smell of ozone after my first childhood thunderstorm?
The salt air blowing through the windows of my Father's car when we were approaching the Jersey shore?
My mother's perfume?
The absence of my memory in this area has troubled me greatly.

After weeks of mind sieves and tainted memories, the eureka moment occurs.
It was the Christmas tree.
The rich, wonderful balsam that permeated the house, in every room.
How sad when the tree was gone and with it went the scent of good things.

Through this self discovery, I find that my fondest collections have something Balsam or Pine in their make up. Or similar notes that conjure memory of that wonderful tree.
I write this in hopes of stirring memory in all who may read this.
I wonder how many others may discover that their favorite colognes may reflect their earliest memory of scent.


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