Abdul Samad al Qurashi — Musks??

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May 31, 2008
I love so many types of musk,deer,black,white Tibet ect. What are your favorites from the many ASAQ Musk perfume oil choices?

Also I love Arabian Oud’s Superior White Musk AA (not sure if there is a (AAA) version of so I want it lol…
I prefer straight white musk with no florals. I’m not into the floral thing heavily in white musks prefer it just white musk or if it does have other ingredients mixed in, if it’s spices,incense,oud and some other things other than really floraly It’s ok just not heavy florals. I see these ASAQ - Musks can anyone please shed some light on what you have tried in this list please :) notes and or opinion/short review/description on these ASAQ Musk Oils that I am interested in, kindly please. Thank You B’notes Famiglia :•]

ASAQ —Misk Gazelli (White) (Musk)

ASAQ — Misk Al Kaaba

ASAQ — Misk Madina

ASAQ — Kiswah Kaaba

ASAQ — Oudh Musk

ASAQ — Magnetic Musk

ASAQ — Yammy Musk

ASAQ — Attractive Musk

ASAQ — Safari Body Musk

ASAQ — Incense Musk

ASAQ — Beauty Musk

ASAQ — Exquisite Musk


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