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Basenotes Dependent
Jun 19, 2004
After a major family illness (though she’s recovering very well) that shocked me out of normal life, I moved to a transitional setting… but it was tough the past few months, including the move. Hadn’t been able to take the trip I promised myself, haven’t been able to add anything new to my collection since June, haven’t been able to sniff any of the new releases even with 3 Sephoras in town now, haven’t been able to do much besides work and basic living, actually.

But I am, however, rewarding myself with fragrance soon just for getting through what was the single toughest period in my life. (One can only survive on hospital cafeteria food and DoorDash for a short while.) I didn’t wear fragrance for the initial period of moving to make sure I didn’t associate a scent with tough times, but I did start wearing fragrance again recently. I started with fresh scents like Silver Mountain Water, MFK Aqua Universalis, and Replica: Sailing Day, and now I’m feeling good enough to get into chypres and some non-challenging ouds (first one will be the return of my current favorite, Roja Apex EdP).

What will it be? I hope to be back in a new normal and routine by this time next year, though. Of course, I said that last year… but at least I’ve entered the important transition phase.


Missing Oakmoss
Basenotes Plus
Jul 25, 2015
Welcome back. Glad you're at a place where not only is there light at the end of the tunnel, but scenery and landmarks are taking shape.


Basenotes Dependent
Jun 19, 2004
Well, there was about another month and a half of roughness, unfortunately, due to various factors (and not just the move). Anxiety, tension, and The Big Freeze affected me and my Christmas plans that I took time off for in anticipation so I could plan accordingly.

It even affected my fragrance gift. There was an MFK discovery set coming for Christmas from family, but it wasn’t their fault why I didn’t get it on time. The Big Freeze here delayed trans-Atlantic and domestic air cargo and ground shipping for days or weeks. And it wasn’t just DHL which MFK uses: Amazon Logistics had issues, too, with a “just dropped” pair of New Balance sneakers that I had a use in mind for by now not showing up. So did everyone else, though the USPS had fewer delays than others.

But I’ve gotten over most of the issues, and I’m now on track for the next step later in 2023 - one that will be easier but more complex at the same time.

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