A time,a place,a smell.


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Apr 9, 2020
Like songs,smells can instantly take you back in time.To a place,a person or a moment,thats triggered by your nose.
Here are a few of mine..

Private collection by Estee Lauder...my mums bathroom.
Pour homme by Paco Rabanne......my Dads bathroom
Brut 33 by Faberge...Chrismas gift as a boy.
Aramis by Aramis..my dentist as a young teenager.
Lacoste original edt by Lacoste....first date.
Poison by Dior...a lady of the night in Bangkok.
Interlude man by Amouage...my first sniff of niche.

Anyone got anything to share?


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Dec 6, 2018
Anything with jasmine takes me back to Greece a couple years ago. My wife and I were in Santorini, and one particular path we took had some jasmine growing along it and in the evening it scented the entire area. very beautiful.


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Nov 16, 2008
L'eau d'hiver - My grandmother about 20 years ago at her place - guess it was her Nivea cream - reminds me of my father shaving years ago for similar reason. Then when I was around 10 (this too before this fragrance existed) trading pokemon cards with a friend on a warm but cloudy autumn-day (or was it spring?) outside on the walking paths that were dusty and dry and the trees had no leaves and I think it was nearing dark and eventually getting a bit cold.

Une Fleur de Cassie - The hottest summer days in a small Swedish town with my grandmother and mother, many many years ago when I was ~7, walking on various small roads noticing the flowers and plants, the warmth and the humidity. For example one day around zenith it was very hot but it rained for a few minutes, and the rain evaporated quickly from what at the time seemed like an endless stone-tiled path full of flowers on the side in giant urns/flowerbeds. Also reminds me of all the times I watched horror movies late at night while actually wearing it some 5+ years ago. Then that one day waiting for a train on a hot summer day, wearing UfdC for one of the first times in public.

Diptyque Eau de lierre, when I spray it on it reminds me of a neighbor and a particular staircase in an apartment complex where his very typical masculine fragrance (whatever it was that vaguely resembled this one) was present. Might've been a lone scruffy-looking geranium plant on one of the floors in the staircase. Few years ago.

Portrait of A Lady - Riding on a train (SJ X12, 1991-1994 production, basically as below but with different people and places), not that many years ago, me wearing this fragrance on my way to math class, and I noticed a particularly interesting young female on the train. I've taken a lot of train rides (including this type of train), and worn POAL quite a few times in all kinds of places, but for some reason this memory sticks out for this fragrance. SJx12_LK.jpg x12_1_int.jpg sjx12_int_2.jpg


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Jul 20, 2015
When I lived in Sweden, I used Aspen deodorant, which I didn’t wear before or since. I kept it for years to open and have the memories and feelings come back.


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Jan 21, 2006
Several (including "revival" and/or neo) powerhouse male scents like Chevignon Brand for Men- late teens to early adulthood years, in any places around Europe (including but not limited to) the current place of residence, of study and or of both professional while also of BN posting/interaction beginnings

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