A song, a drink, a perfume - March 2023

Apr 11, 2009

Cocteau Twins "Sea, Swallow Me" - sad day for me and this is soothing. I love how Elizabeth Fraser never uses lyrics, just soundscapes. Sometimes there are no words, just feelings
drink: Agua Fresca de Sandia con Chamoy (Watermelon water with chamoy) - sweet and a little bitter/spicy, just like good memories with someone you love
Perfume: Guerlain L'Heure d'Nuit - it's comforting and I need that right now


Basenotes Junkie
Dec 30, 2022
Tonight, my fragrance is Prada’s Les Infusions d’Amande. It’s like talc infused with sweet almond oil.

This is such a respite after a migraine. Took some nasal spray for it and finally broke it. Sipping on a bubbly La Croix. This is a simple comfort, like a deep relationship. God only knows where I’d be without these simple niceties that erase a hell of a day.


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