A song, a drink, a perfume - March 2023

Apr 11, 2009

Grunge at it's darkest, for me, was Alice In Chains. This song reminds me of my college love and how I always thought he and I would end up together. I guess the constant breaking up and getting back together hadn't taught me anything, and I was always hopeful. He sent this song to me on a mixtape - each song carefully chosen to elicit a specific memory of things we had done together. This song was chosen because of the last line "If I would, could you?"...
The drink: water, a glass half full
The perfume: vintage Kouros, the college love's signature
Apr 11, 2009

L7 is one of the best live grunge shows EVER. When this CD dropped, I played it until I wore it out and this song was my theme song for awhile. It reminds me of learning to ride a motorcycle.
The drink: Tequila because these women seem like they'd be tequila drinkers and they would be a blast to get drunk with
The perfume: Lush Imogen Rose, my "punk" rose scent

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