A marshmallow perfume with deep jasmine?


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Apr 29, 2023
I was thinking about making a perfume with Marshmellow after I tried Love Don't Be Shy, I like the overall idea of the perfume but the scent isn't a good one for me, I think that a deeper focus on the white flowers and a contrasting element would work well (for me). I was thinking of the following notes: "Marshmellow", jasmine, white amber, azarbre, Egyptian musk, passion fruit, cinnamon, and ??? I'm looking for something that can tie this scent together (I'll begin experimenting and sketching the formula as soon as I figure it out) but I need something that can give it a sensation of an elegant and sweet femininity. I would love suggestions!


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jun 2, 2005
It would be a good idea to list a few materials you plan to use - you refer to some very subjective fantasy concoctions which are not really helpful to understand your direction (such as white amber and egyptian musk - what are those?)


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Apr 11, 2020
Farenal is an ozone/marine material, like Adoxal. Are you sure this is the material he used for Marshmellow??
Farenal is ozonic, yes, and it was supposed to imitate an egg white note that in combination with vanillin should've made a confectionery note reminiscent of meringues (zephir) and marshmallows. I've hardly tested any of by Killian frags, but I am sure it was Adoxal + Vanillin.

P.S. Calice Becker is a woman. 😉

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