A fresh, clean musk...

Oct 7, 2021
Old thread, but a fun topic. These are my picks:

Aqua Universalis
Chanel Eau De Cologne

I've been on a major Aqua Universalis kick lately. The musk in Chanel's Eau De Cologne can be quite transparent, but it blooms. It's such a fantastic scent, but for some reason, I find myself reaching for Aqua Universalis more. I wouldn't say Castile is the least musky of the three, but it has the most other things going on, though the musk is like a really nice backbone that gives it a wonderfully human scent on skin, especially as the other notes fade.

I've been revisiting Kiehl's Original Musk lately too. Some days, I love it and think I need a bottle. Other days, I regret wearing it, though I don't know why. It's interesting stuff.
i tired wearing LV Imagination yesterday, and i realized i made a mistake. Usually clean musks are nice to smell, but to wear, its too boring. I think Chanel 1957 is a great, GREAT clean musk fragrance that is interesting to wear, cause it has layers and stages.


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Jun 10, 2012

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