A Fragrance Resolution for 2023?


always learning--often laughing
Feb 8, 2017
1) Continue to sample more classic fragrances.
2) Re-evaluate my collection, currently own 12 FB and think It can be reduced to 5. Then i'd like to replace them with the frags on my wish list I crave once the sample is gone.
Guessing you are a dog lover based on your avatar, as it looks like a cozy bed. :)


Basenotes Plus
Jan 3, 2019
- To buy less - I really have enough fragrance.
- I don't want to do any strict no buy as I still have a small wishlist in my mind and I'll be looking for bargains, but I think it's time to put a stop on blind buys and buying something nice just because it's heavily discounted and because I like it or it's a classic I want to have a reference of - I think liking a fragrance is not enough for me at this point, it has to be a love and it has to be worn often.
- To sample less new fragrances and enjoy what I already have - including a huge stash of samples.
- To wear my decants a lot and possibly finish them, especially the ones in plastic containers so that they don't spoil or evaporate.
- To finish some samples and maybe even some bottles, we'll see.
- I'm not into decluttering stuff, but there are a few bottles that I just don't wear and don't want to wear. I'd like to either sell, trade or gift them to someone who would use them.


Basenotes Dependent
May 15, 2015
In general and as always, buy less and enjoy more what I have.

In terms of what I do buy, there's a couple Hermessence I'd like to add to my collection that are rumored/definitely discontinued. I'd like to get my hands on them before they become impossible to find. Also add a few Frederic Malle bottles I've been meaning to get but have subsisted on the 10ml thus far: Synthetic Jungle, Music for Awhile, and Uncut Gem.

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