5 UNDERRATED Fall Fragrances You Should Try/Buy - Under $30 (My 1st Blog)

With many people not wanting to spend more than $30 to blind buy a bottle, this list caters to you. Often times in the forums, people ask for recommendations for cheapies, and get recommended stuff that is over $100. Newsflash people, $100 is not cheap, not in any currency, in any country. Under $30 is economical and fair, and most people can swing that with no problems.
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That said, here are 5 underrated cheapies for the fall, that I think YOU should try.

1. Rocawear Evolution: Just because you wear a Rocawear frag, doesn't mean you have to dress the part, or act a certain way. I wear a Sean John newsboy hat simply because I like the look. I wear a Rocawear fragrance because I like the smell. At $15 for 3.4 oz, this one is a steal. A boozy, rum, with a feeling of being around the fireplace, is the best way I can describe this one. It isn't really like anything I own, but it has this fuzzy, almost cotton like feel that I have gotten from other frags, like Double Black, Corduroy, and a few other lesser known ones. Evolution has a lot of sweet and spicy nuances centered around a boozy gourmand type of accord. I get about 4 hours longevity with low to moderate projection. It's more on the subtle side.

2. Paris Hilton Just Me: Maybe I should just call this underrated celebrity frags? Just me, is a fragrance I have been raving about for many years. I have owned it since its release, which at the time, there was nothing on the market like it. I truly believe this was the inspiration to the very successful AdG Profumo, but I'll leave that to others to decide for themselves. Just Me is a darker AdG, Suitable for cooler climate, when you still want an aquatic to wear. Cool Summer nights also work well for this one, and so does high heat. It's just a great versatile fragrance. $20 for 3.4 oz is a steal. Unless you've already been spoiled by AdG Profumo, you might find this boring. Though I have owned this one first, and I can honestly say it's better. There's a tomato leaf note that is the main thing that separates it the AdG line, and to me, it's more interesting. Most people probably wouldn't even notice the tomato leaf, and just think that this is a great smelling fragrance. Performance is very good.

3. Zirh Corduroy: Here's one that you won't be able to find at Ross, Tj Maxx or Marshall's like the above recommendations. Though I am confident that if you like sweet and spicy, cozy, orientals teetering into gourmand territory, you will love this. One of my all time favorites, and a hidden gem, and own 3 bottles of this, and am buying another right now as I type this. i wasn't going to add this to my list, as I assumed it would have shot up in price by now. I still see 2.5 oz bottles going on Ebay for $20-$30, and that's still a good deal. Granted, when this was in its prime, you could get a 4.2 bottle for that price, maybe even less. This stuff is amazing! I don't often associate that word with emphasis with fragrances anymore, especially not all the modern crap that gets released. I don't know anybody in my personal life who doesn't love this fragrance, nor anybody who I have spoken to on BN, and Youtube, who didn't at least like it. At one point this fragrance at a perfect 100% score on BN in the reviews. I am not saying that my reviews of this is anymore authentic than the negatives, but I did notice that the people who negatively review this, just simply don't like this style of fragrance. It would be the equivalent of a frat boy reviewing Grey Flannel. I would suggest reading the positive reviews of this, the people who have discovered this gem in its rather short lifespan. This one will eventually be gone completely, and I would love to see others have the opportunity to smell this fantastic gem, before it's gone forever. I know there's gonna be backlash, I know one person in particular who will say "why are you trying to cram your favorites down people's throats" blah blah.. No, not at all. I am trying to share my favorites with others.

4. Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge: If you don't like sweet fragrances that border on cloying, then move along now. this one is just that. In the same category with Animale Animale, and Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin; this one is a simple, sweet, gourmand. To put it simply, it smells like macaroons. If you have ever been to a real Jewish bakery, like Tina's in NYC, you will never get the smell of freshly baked macaroons out of your head. JdJR is the closest to that smell that I have found, including niche fragrances. It takes me back to my childhood, and the few times I got to spend with my grandparents in NY. This fragrance is tastefully done, although very sweet, not overbearing, but I wouldn't recommend wearing it in any heat, or humidity (I've already made that mistake). A few fragrances this reminds me of are Le Male, Lolital Lempicka Au Masculine, and Rochas Man to a lesser degree. It is different enough to warrant a purchase imho, and shouldn't be redundant, if you own all of those. I should also note, this fragrance is created by Bernard Ellena, Jean Claude Ellena's brother.

5. Antonio Banderas Spirit: Spirit to the best of my knowledge has been discontinued a couple years ago, but because demand is low, there is a pretty steady supply on the internet, and occasionally inside some drug stores like CVS , and Walgreen's. Banderas is on of the better celebrity fragrance houses out there, not so much in quality but in innovation. They have a lot of clever fragrances, that just fall short in performance most of the time. Spirit is no different. The opening.. apple, cranberry, cinnamon, amber. All at once, smacks you in the olfactory receptors and sends your nose for a ride. The opening is Fall, period. It fades into a shell of its top notes, adding some light patchouli and soft musk in the dry down. The top notes last surprisingly long and fade slowly. I'm not sure this fragrance really has a mid, or a base. Something is missing. The opening carries with it, pretty monstrous projection. As it dries, it kind of reminds me of a Boss Bottle variant. The amber in this is very good, it's not at all sweet or syrupy, rather it just provides a background for the top notes. You'll understand once you smell it. This kind of reminds me if a stripped down Ambre Narulie. I realize it's a bold claim here, but keep in mind, it's a $20 fragrance, it's not going to smell like its $300.
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Those were 5 frags that I think everyone, both collectors, and wearers could appreciate.

Honestly, it was hard compiling a list of just 5, as for Fall/Winter or in general, cooler climate, the choices are slim for this criteria. I tried to pick fragrances that have never been reviewed on Youtube by any reviewer that has a big subscriber base. With this in mind, I was able to single out very underrated fragrances that meet the price, are a good value for their money, are still readily available online (despite a couple being discontinued), are people pleasers, and are different.

I may or may not add a part 2, but thinking about it, it might be impossible with staying true to the criteria. I will be doing this for the Spring and Summer as well, maybe sooner or before the seasons arrive.


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Basenotes Plus
Jul 20, 2015
Interesting use of the blogs, Cologneist. Your love of fragrances comes through. Good advice to save money on blind buys.

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