24 hours before Basenotes shuts down

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Mar 10, 2019
Thanks for keeping us posted, Grant! (I work in retail and your customer responsiveness would be considered excellent.) :)


Missing Oakmoss
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Jul 25, 2015
Grant, your heads-up threads and the means you have provided for keeping us in the loop have made this transition more a process of joint exploration than sad leavetaking. I like what you said in an earlier thread, regarding the need for making the change - you referred to the new platform in terms of its being in the spiritual lineage of the older one. For me, that cast things in a beautiful balanced perspective. Thank you, and best wishes - see you on the flipside!


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Sep 1, 2010
Thanks, Grant! Having had the chance to play around with the beta-testing version, l'm confident that the new site will quickly become just as familiar as the old, with many new & improved features. And unlike the disaster that was Huddler, Grant will remain fully in control & responsive to any teething problems. Onwards & upwards, my friends!

Andy the frenchy

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Sep 16, 2018
48 hours is the optimist in me. 9 weeks is the pessimist in me. Somewhere in between those ;)

(I’m hoping no longer than a week)

Grant posted September 29th but it's tentative on him and how long he needs to complete the transition process.

That will basically depends if he gets the beer delivered at home or if he runs out to the pub each and every time there will be an error message showing up....
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