150 yr old Sunken Treasure Perfume Article, P&F June 2014


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Nov 12, 2006
(quote from the article)

"As mentioned, Piesse was not just a prominent chemist and
perfumer of his time. Today, he is known and remembered
not for his fragrances, per se, but for his authoring “The Art of
Perfumery.” In the third edition of his book, published in 1862,
Piesse suggests that “scents, like sounds, appear to influence
the olfactory nerve in definite degree” and that there might
be “octaves” of odors. Piesse believed that scents could be put
together harmoniously, like musical notes. This analogy to music
is still used today to describe fragrances by the volatility of their
components, such as top, middle and bottom notes."

Interesting how that at least 152 year old idea of scents having 'octaves of odors' similar to music and based on the vibration of different sounds seems to be quite in line with Dr.Luca Turin's theory that substances can be smelled differently based upon the frequencies of vibration of their molecules


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Mar 6, 2014
Highly entertaining read. Pity about the rotten notes occurring despite the storage conditions.

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