1. treasures


    Trésor by Lancome
  2. D

    Going for my first Amouage purchase: Which one should I buy unsniffed?

    Gold? Dia? Homage Attar? Ubar?Jubilation 25? Lyric? I'm hoping to pick one that is UNLIKE any of the scents below(hopefully unique from them- mainly because I already have all of the below): -Chanel No. 5, 19, 22, Coco, Bois des Iles, Cuir de Russie -Guerlain L'Heure Bleue, Mitsouko, Shalimar...
  3. M

    Perfume for my 22 year old girld friend

    Hi, I am looking for a fragrance for my girlfriend. She is 22 year old light skinned girl. She doesn't like wearing sporty dresses. She loves high heels and big earrings. I am a Hermes and Prada fan so first I've looked them. I like, Hermes Eau des merveilles Hermes Un jarden sur le nil and...
  4. Kal

    Help! Is this a FAKE?!

    I am sorry if this is in the wrong section. A few years ago I had a decant of Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka. I have finally gotten around to buying a FB and found one on eBay that I think must be a fake. I just wanted to run my story past you guys on the off-chance that I do not recall...
  5. Keene

    Alternatives for Lancome's Tresor

    Hi, all. I have a quick question. I'm a frequent user of Lancome's Tresor, which I find smells very light on my skin. I'm looking for an alternative scent that won't offend in a small and professional work space. I like floral-earthy scents, with little to no powder scent. Are there any other...
  6. Shycat

    Intersecting hobbies

    I've been shopping local quilt shops for spectacular fabric to give my mother for her quilt in progress. Naturally, the lemming in me has begun a cathedral windows quilt of my own. I'm on first name basis with a shop owner/guru who gives me good advice as I collect little bits of fabric and...
  7. J

    I hate womens perfume BUT... I need to know a good fragrance (Please help)

    I for one absolutely hate most women's fragrances. I cannot stand them, IMO they come off as too strong, fruity and basically give me a giant headache. The only womens perfume I like (In small amounts) is Vera Wang's Princess. I know nothing about Perfume but could easily babble about cologne...
  8. T

    What does "Very French" mean to you?

    In many recent reviews here and about everywhere else, I noticed people use "this perfume is very French" very liberally (IMHO), as applied to many fragrances out there, among them: Caron Tabac Blond; Gres Cabochard; Guerlain Chamade; Lancome Tresor; Hermes Faubourg 24; Jean Patou 1000...
  9. grant

    Kate Winslet new face for Lancome's Tresor fragrance

    Kate Winslet new face for Lancome's Tresor fragrance Grant Osborne Lancome has announced that British actess, Kate Winslet, is the new ambassador for Tresor. More...
  10. T

    Help me find my sensual, sexy, seductress' scent!

    Hi fellow basenoters, :) I usually go for simple florals, my favourite is Tresor, but I've decided to branch out and get something really special for those nights when I want to play temptress! I don't know much about perfumes but all the ones I sample at my local department store seem to smell...
  11. tinker424

    Tresor = Ex'cla'mation

    Anyone else notice these two smell VERY similar? My little 1oz of Tresor came in today, and it smells just like the stuff I wore in 8th grade :eek: . If I read correctly the same nose created both.... PS...I think that Tuesday is stock day at TJ Maxx, I went today and there were all brand new...
  12. Tovah

    Thoughts on Rosamor by Oscar de la Renta?

    I tried this while shopping the other day and I've been thinking of buying some. Is it worth it, though? I don't want to jump into buying something I may not like after a few days. I haven't heard much about this one, so I'm suspicious. I want a new rose fragrance and I want the rose note to...
  13. VanityConfidential

    Lurker turned new member...finally.

    Hello all. I've been coming here for the past year or so as I've become more interested in fragrances. I'm constantly amazed at all the nuances that go along with each fragrance but I'm usually never happy with anything I try. I've been wearing Caleche (Hermes) for 30 yrs. Yep...almost...
  14. bonni

    1952 Tresor, anyone know anything about it?

    Was it a floral oriental? What was it like? When was it discontinued? Did they just reuse the name or is the 1990 version a re-invention of the original? Anyone know? bonni
  15. A

    What would I like...?

    OK - I'm calling on the massed experience of this community to give me some ideas on what I might like to try! Call me lazy, but you probably all know a lot better than me! I love the following: Mitsouko, Y by Yves St Laurent, Caleche, La Perla, Aromatics Elixir, Cristalle and, softer, Tresor...
  16. bonni

    What's your all-purpose "standby" fragrance?

    I had a lunch date today (with my husband :)), and I had to take the train in to the city to meet him. The Commonwealth games are going on at the moment, so the city and the trains are pretty busy. I wanted to be sure to wear something nice-smelling with all those people around (partly for me to...
  17. audrey


    I've read in german Elle about 100% LOve by Sophia Grojsman (Tresor, Paris) S-Perfume. Red fruit, Musk & Roses. Sounds good to me ;) Does anyone know this company? I've never heard of them. PS: it's no advertisement
  18. bonni

    Perfume Fanatics: The Next Generation

    My four year old daughter is a bit of a perfume fan. Her older sister (age six) likes perfume if I offer it to her and has been known to get a can of fragranced body spray (you know, the "all over" very, very light stuff you can buy in a grocery store) out of the bathroom cabinet and put it on...
  19. bonni

    What do you wear to a business meeting?

    I don't go to a lot of in-person business meetings. I work from home (freelance graphic design, digital art, and I sell various things online), and so normally I dress to please myself (i.e., as comfortably as posible) and I wear perfume to please myself, too. Today, though, I had a face to...
  20. bonni

    Recommendations on Orientals, please

    First: I confess, I don't really like most orientals. I'm much more of a floral type of person (Tresor is my all-time favorite, and I wear Sunflowers often, and also Diorissimo, Sung Paradise, j'adore, Beyond Paradise, Miracle, Charlie, just to give an idea of my usual fragrance style). I...

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