1. Rose Revival by & Other Stories is back

    Rose Revival by & Other Stories is back

    & Other Stories have relaunched one of their debut fragrances, Rose Revival. Rose Revival was first launched in 2013 when & Other Stories opened its doors for the first time. Its rich character of pressed pink rose petals in an old cedar chest quickly made an impact, making the scent a true...
  2. Jean Paul Gaultier to bring back discontinued fave, Gaultier²

    Jean Paul Gaultier to bring back discontinued fave, Gaultier²

    As the result of a poll of Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance-Fans, the company has decided to bring back fan-favourite, Gaultier². They say "Bringing back a perfume that you thought you had been forgotten is daring. What's even better is that you have chosen the one who will make his comeback next...
  3. furrypine

    Another house revived: J.F. Schwarzlose

    There was an article today on 1000Fragrances about Trance, a fragrance from the 1920s being recreated and re-issued from newly revived company J.F. Schwarzlose. Poking around on the net, I found out that Schwarzlose, a company that has existed since 1856, has four fragrances in...
  4. furrypine

    Jil Sander relaunces four scents: Bath & Beauty, Woman III Scent 79 Man, Pure Man

    Great news for fans of Jil Sander; four discontinued fragrances have been relaunched as "Jil Sander The Essentials". From Jil Sanders Facebook page: "The Essentials, an exclusive collection that gathers four legendary and celebrated perfumes by Jil Sander which became the epitome of elegance...
  5. 2

    Versace the Dreamer without the annoying topnotes

    Is there a fragrance like the Dreamer that has topnotes that are also appealing? Shouldn't there be such a fragrance? And if there isn't why dont they relaunch the Dreamer with sexier topnotes?
  6. discovolante

    Faded love: reissued DK Fuel For Men vs. reissued Aramis Havana.But why?

    All the interest,all the discussions took place while the items were discontinued.So many prayers for a relaunch.Absurd prices for items sold online.And then,both fragrances were re-released.With their formulas being left (almost) untouched/unchanged.A blessing indeed!The initial frenzy lasted...
  7. B

    Should Givenchy relaunch Insense?

    Hey Guys: Just got done reviewing Givenchy Insense from 1993. I don't think it did real well, since maybe the masses weren't quite ready for a masculine floral, but now, 17 years later, I think the scent could build a following. IMO, this would work well for someone that found Kenzo Power too...
  8. B

    Impressions of Calvin by Calvin Klein

    Hey guys: I've been giving my mini of Calvin by Calvin Klein a good sniffing for the first time. I don't know for sure if it's the original 80s version or the relaunch in the 1990s. Anyway, it has this primal leather musk vibe to my nose. I don't see myself being too inspired to wear it often...
  9. D

    Balmain Ebène Relaunch

    Does anyone saw that news on scented salamander? I`m just curious to see how much the relaunched one will be true to the original. I`ve saw great comments about the old one, so I hope that the new one is...
  10. Basteri

    I wonder why not

    fragrance house relaunch their oldest (and often) best offers with a new bottle, packaging and modern advertising campaign instead of "discontinuing" the fragrance? Today I received Zino by Davidoff which seems to be now discontinued and the juice is as gorgeous as I remember from the old days...
  11. B

    Bring it back!!

    Of the now-discontinued men's frags, which would you most like to see reborn? For example, I was thrilled when Giorgio Beverly Hills For Men and New West Aramis were relaunched. But I will forever mourn KL Homme by Karl Lagerfeld.
  12. Petra Ichor

    Laurence Dumont: New Line and a Relaunch

    Laurence Dumont: Charmes Secrets Fleur de Tendresse House: Laurence Dumont Perfumer: Philippe Collet Year 2010 Notes: Description: a dreamlike spring bouquet for romantics. Douce Caresse House: Laurence Dumont Perfumer: Philippe Collet Year 2010 Notes: mandarine, litchi, licorice...
  13. N_Tesla

    Good News?....Maybe.

    Barbara Bui's Le parfum will soon relaunch? More news at the following address: This is good news indeed. Remember though until it is on the shelf for sale, it is still in the realm of if.
  14. S

    Giorgio Beverly Hills Homme

    I've seen some 120 ml. bottles Giorgio Beverly Hills for incredible low prices.I would like to hear some opinions about this scent,and is it reformulated? The box says its made in the USA. Are the basenotes- reviews of Giorgio about the discontinued version or the relaunch? Have a nice day...
  15. TimothyX

    Frags in CHROME bottles.

    Anyone got a list of frags (or pics) that come in chrome? They just look so "cool" all bunched up in a sea of glass and matte finish bottles. :D So far I have these, I didn't buy them for the bottle (ok, maybe kenzo power) but good thing I love the juice inside em' Eying these bottles...
  16. A

    Who has been able to purchase relaunch of Havana?

    From the outset, it's backordered everywhere? What the hell is up with this?:mad: No way the stores here in Cornflake County will ever get it, so I'm stuck once again hunting it down on the net. Anyone know who actually has this?
  17. Patty

    Antilope relaunch

    I've heard that Parfums Weil is planning to relaunch its classic "Antilope". I have a mini of the vintage fragrance that I've really fallen in love with. Does anyone have details about when it will be on the market again?
  18. grant

    Two new fragrances for Halston relaunch

    Two new fragrances for Halston relaunch Following the re-launch of the iconic fashion brand last year, Halston is introducing two new fragrances: Halston Woman and Halston Man. These new fragrances are a contemporary adaption of the originals released in the 1970?s, whilst staying true to the...
  19. grant

    Aramis to relaunch eight classic scents in new Gentleman's Collection

    Aramis to relaunch eight classic scents in new Gentleman's Collection This Autumn sees the launch of Aramis' Gentleman's Collection: A set of eight classic Aramis fragrances all housed in the same bottle design. The scents included in the range are: Aramis 900, Devin, JHL, Tuscany, New West...
  20. petruccijc

    New Fragrance: Carven Le Vetiver 2009

    From Fragrantica: Vetiver is the first fragrance for men by Carven. It was launched in 1957, reedited in 1997 and launched again recently in 2009. The first fragrance was created by Edouard Hache, while designer of the original flacon was Jacques Bocquet. Composition of the 1957 included lemon...

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