perfume advice

  1. LaFou

    Recommendation on tea tincture perfume

    Hello There, im doing a perfume based mainly on tea tincture! I have some ultra rare tea, 9 grams to be specific , 3 grams each of certain tea! I want to build a perfume based on having the tea tincture being the main component! any special recommendations, special materials to consider thank...
  2. LaFou

    Learn the scientific foundations of perfumery and become extremely better in short time - books to read and learn from

    Heeeeey everyone, I was planing to be bigger man and not come back here, but then I said that wouldn’t be fun, and it’s not like me not to have fun 😈 and now that my work is slowing down, said why not come and have a little more of that fun with certain people! Muwahahahha 😈😈😈 let the games...
  3. S

    Dilution ratio of an material

    Hello guys im new into perfumery! If i want to make an EDP concentration of a perfume do i have to use all aroma chemicals diluted to 20%? Like some materials are way too stronger that recomended dilution at 1% and some others are 10% Do i have to dilute that kind of materials to 20% to create...
  4. LaFou

    Technical questions from the experienced perfumers!

    Hello everyone, happy belated new year, I hope you are all starting and started the year with lots of health, happiness and prosperity i am saddened that Im not coming here to BN as much as I want, which is daily! But life and work gets most of us! :) I would like to ask some technical...
  5. D

    Having a difficulty finding alcohol

    Hello everyone, so I have found a website that I can buy ethanol from but the issue is they don’t directly say perfumer alcohol in the item name, I’m having a hard time finding a product there that I can buy. Which one of these two should I get? This is the website:
  6. M

    Help - Savauge cap has no 3 stopper inside

    Im trying to buy this dior savauge but the cap's inside looks kinda off it has no 3 lines that looks like a stopper?but in the video the cap keeps turning back to face on front. Any help? Thank you Here's the video and pictures
  7. M

    Is this dior look sus?

    Hi, im trying to buy this dior with a very nice steal price. I saw it on shopee and here are some photos they've sent me i asked to sent me two bottles so i can double check and the font of the bottom of the bottles are different. Thank you guys First bottle 2nd bottle
  8. S

    New Fragrance business Idea

    Hello, my name is Shakira, I've always had passion for business and creating my own thing, and I have been trying to figure out how to get into the fragrance industry. I needed to know more details about everything. My plan is to create a perfume line that will be successful and someday have my...
  9. waleedkh

    Free Example Formula : Similar to "PradaL'Homme Intense.

    Hedione® 17.00 Ethyl Linalool 4.00 Beta lonone 3.00 Alpha lonone 1.50 Citronellol 1.50 Phenethyl Alcohol 0.20 Orris Givco 0.20 Methyl Anthranilate 0.10 Iso E Super 43.00 Cedarwood Virginia 1.50 Polysantol® 0.50 Bergamot Givco 104 5.00 Dihydro Myrcenol 2.00 Habanolide®...
  10. AngelaRis

    Roberto Cavalli Acqua

    Hello beautiful people hope you are all well. I need help regarding my obsession with the discontinued perfume - Roberto Cavalli Acqua. I was using this perfume years ago and I cannot find another that I like/love. So I'm trying to find an alternative perfume that smells simular to this one...
  11. R

    Introduction of a DIY perfumer

    Sample Questions I'm here trying to learn more about diy perfumery. I will try to post my own formulas, give and get feedback on formulas. maybe post some reviews and help others to get the best diy perfumery, so we can all enjoy this hobby toghether. The first fragrance I ever owned was...
  12. R

    Guerlain Encens Mythique Tester

    Hello, Please can anyone help me figure out if this Guerlain Encens Mythique is an original tester?
  13. M

    aroma chemicals in Italy

    Hello, I am a chemistry student from Mexico but this September 2021 I came to study to Bologna (Chemical Innovation and Regulation). Im interested in making fragrances because I have a small (nano) business in my city of natural deodorants and I make the fragrances too. I wanted to ask where...
  14. D

    Help with perfume question

    edit: about those perfumes they’re not clones or dupes but they smell somehow similar to those perfumes listed. To be more clear I ended up saying dupes which I really regret 😬😬🤌🏽 And I didn’t know about the fiver thing thank y’all for your suggestion
  15. M

    Hi im newbie on fragrance, trying to cop my first fragrance

    Hi guys, im trying to buy my first perfume. And i saw this online with a very steal price but i don't have much knowledge about perfume weather if it is authentic Can you guys really tell if the perfume is original base on the box/packaging? Can't have photos of the exact bottle because the...
  16. F

    A Business Trip.

    Good Morning guys, Soon I'm going to be departing on a business trip which is throughout the United States, I am going to be at several airports and states through a period of about 25 days, following are the perfumes I will be looking keenly for and if any of you could help me out with it and...
  17. londonperfumeco

    What's your perfect scent?

    Have you ever caught the scent of someone in a breeze and been in awe of their aroma? Perfume is powerful stuff. It can transport you momentarily to another place or simply remind you of someone. Just like our other senses, our sense of smell is hotwired to the part of the brain that deals with...
  18. C

    Carrera pour homme (VA) or (CO) ?

  19. F


    hey guys ! just brought 3 al-rehab cpo's. silver- havnt ever tried SMW, but its pretty fresh, very synthetic, gets a little berry like sweet eventually. chocomusk- basically, wafer chocolate biscuit with a really strong vanilla, ends up smelling like sponge cake laced with vanilla essence...
  20. S

    Floral Notes Only Fragrances

    Does anyone know of any fragrances that have only floral notes? It is for a project where these fragrances will represent bouquets. Most fragrances that I have found have a few notes that are not floral so I was wondering if these even exist. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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