1. C

    New partners add to Tokyo 2020 bid’s financial muscle agile financial news updates tokyo japan TOKYO — Tokyo 2020 announced Friday that five more official bid partners have signed up following the international campaign launch on Jan 10, bringing...
  2. Chris Bartlett

    Pop-up Shop with Perfumes

    A new Pop-up Shop opens in Newport, Shropshire today featuring (so far) 14 local independent businesses including my own Pell Wall Perfumes' first appearance in a bricks-and-mortar shop on the High Street - for those near enough to visit it's actually on the corner of Wellington Road and High...
  3. Chris Bartlett

    IFRA UK Fragrance Forum - sponsors include Pell Wall Perfumes

    IFRA UK Fragrance Forum This year, for the second time ever, IFRA UK (formerly known as the British Fragrance Association) is hosting a Fragrance Forum at the Royal Society in Carlton House Terrace, London on Thursday 18th October 2012. I'm proud to say that Pell Wall Perfumes will be one of...
  4. Chris Bartlett

    EU Prepares to regulate more fragrance ingredients

    As most on Basenotes are probably aware the fragrance industry is largely self-regulated through the International FRagrance Association (IFRA), set up for the purpose in 1973. Many here consider the level of regulation draconian and detrimental to the art of fragrance creation - in the wider...
  5. Chris Bartlett

    IFRA Publish a fragrance formula

    At the European Parliament Expo on Trade Secrets, earlier this year, IFRA decided to publish a full fragrance formula ‘for the first time’ and copies of the formula and the fragrance made with it were given to politicians as part of a lobbying campaign to raise awareness of the importance of...
  6. Chris Bartlett

    Alec Lawless RIP

    I have just heard that Alec Lawless, the skilled perfumer behind the Essentially Me range and the Boris YouTube videos has died suddenly. I’ve not been able to trace down any details or get confirmation but wanted to report this as a great loss to perfumery. I have a quite different approach...
  7. Marti

    Parfumerie Generale No.22 and No.25...

    Pierre Guillaume have done two new fragrances for his first brand - Parfumerie Generale. Photos are available: Best Wishes :) What do you think about notes?? 25 has similar photo to Musc Maori, so the...
  8. Primrose

    New Heat Rush from Beyonce

    Heat is still fresh on the shelves and now a flanker:
  9. scentimus

    Sexual Sugar Daddy - by Michel Germain (NEW)

    I have to say this sounds interesting Praline against Black Leather - could be interesting - Eau de Toilette Spray Hugs and kisses guaranteed with sexual sugar daddy. A splash of crystalized grapefruit zest mixes with deliciously tempting cinnamon bark to irresistibly charm. Highly...
  10. hirch_duckfinder

    Jean Paul Guerlain racist comments - DON'T BUY GUERLAIN I call for a boycott until guerlain and LVMH disassociate themselves from the remarks and break ties with him
  11. Basteri

    Midnight in Paris

    Hello people. In short a new fragrance from Van Cleef and Arpels will be released : Midnight in Paris. They are very shy with their releases so this is somehow good news. I wonder if any of you have tried it? "The idea behind the perfume was to create a luxurious leather fragrance, a...
  12. helo darqness

    Foot-odor: a new unit of measure (funny story)

    Just to show you what an idiot I am, I was watching a re-run of Food Network's "Chopped" (For those who don't know, its a single-elimination cooking competition with a basket full of mystery ingredients). I should preface this by saying that I am a fan and lover of science, and recently the...
  13. scent

    Scent Intense vs Scent Intense Parfum?

    Hey folks. Scent Intense Parfum was one of the first niche perfumes I smelt when I began this passion of mine and was totally enamored by it but never purchased a FB. I recently got out my tiny 3 year old luckyscent sample and I've fallen in love once again. The mouthwatering fruity tea topnotes...
  14. Mr. G

    Les Parisiennes receive Nuit d'Amour

    Guerlain's exclusive line called Les Parisiennes is dedicated to revivals of earlier one-off Jean-Paul Guerlain creations, but it had to wait four years to receive Nuit d'Amour, a 2006 limited Parfum, back then presented in a quadrilobe bottle that featured a Belle Époque collar of jet glass...
  15. grant

    Brands Section - being updated - and Questionairre

    Hi all I'm updating the code for the brand section, along with the main directory pages and wardrobes (they are all quite interlinked, so I'm working in them all together.) Firstly, New features: 1) More info about the brand. Each brand will have a little fact box, which (has the potential)...
  16. volley2

    SOTD: Thursday September 30, 2010

    Holiday in Shanghai tomorrow, for a week! No work!
  17. Mar Azul

    Have you ever been happy with a reformulated fragrance?

    There are constant complains in this forum about reformulated fragrances and how they're worse than the original formulations. As far as I've seen, the only time when this is good news is when someone tries to revive the original formula of a scent. 'Fragrance division of brand X was bought by...
  18. Sugandaraja

    New MALLE! "Portrait Of A Lady"

    News delivered by The Perfume Shrine: I'm not sure whether I'm looking forward to this or not. Patchouli and rose seems to have been done a lot, even in Malle's own Une Rose, but the Malle/Ropion pairing has...
  19. C

    Shocking news! This is very sad news.
  20. castorpollux

    10 Dior Exclusives this Fall

    Thanks to the Scented Salamander Blog for the news: among them a Leather Oud scent! :cheesy::thumbsup: cheers

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