1. MFfan310

    Arden license-producing Azzaro Chrome in the US

    I saw an Azzaro Chrome gift set at CVS today. No big deal to see it at drugstores here, as Chrome is a best-seller locally and throughout the US. And normally, it's produced in France and distributed in the US by Clarins Fragrance Group Hence, I was very surprised to see on the back of the...
  2. Primrose

    New Heat Rush from Beyonce

    Heat is still fresh on the shelves and now a flanker:
  3. B

    Time for a geezer Youtube channel?

    Hey Guys: I notice that there seems to be an abundance of kids on Youtube that review colognes. Based on what I've seen, they don't really seem to be very helpful. But then again, I guess you gotta give these kids credit for making the effort. Who knows, maybe they are actually helping the...
  4. The_Cologneist

    Worst bottle flaws?

    What are some of the worst bottle flaws in the industry? Arpege pour Homme - Cap doesn't fit securly. Thierry Mugler - On the rubber flask bottles, they tend to be oozy. John Varvatos - On the original (though not all of them but a good amount) the sprayer oozes. IZOD - Sprayer comes off with...
  5. helo darqness

    Foot-odor: a new unit of measure (funny story)

    Just to show you what an idiot I am, I was watching a re-run of Food Network's "Chopped" (For those who don't know, its a single-elimination cooking competition with a basket full of mystery ingredients). I should preface this by saying that I am a fan and lover of science, and recently the...
  6. Z

    Niche-ish Designer Scents (Current Reformulation)

    I know that similar threads have been made before, but we also know that reformulation is a fact in the industry. So, what designer scents in their current reformulation can easily be labeled as niche (in whatever niche definition you like)?
  7. JonnyLeMale

    so if there was a Mt. Rushmore for fragrance, what would be the 4 fragrances??

    Take into consideration popularity, success in sales, impact on the fragrance industry, impact on fragrance making in general, scent. which 4 fragrance would be in the mt. rushmore of fragrances? I think two of them would have to be Le Male and Acqua Di Gio. Right now there not to highly...
  8. strifeknot

    Creed Sublime Vanille

    2009 Unisex Perfumer: Olivier Creed / Erwin Creed Top note: Vanilla from climbing orchids of Tahiti, bourbon vanilla Middle note: Tonka bean Base note: Bergamot orange, Calabrian lemon, musk.
  9. grant

    BBC require fragrance enthusiasts to talk about influential fragrances.

    Ideally you need to be located in the London / Home Counties area or New York
  10. P

    Harrods Perfume Extravaganza

    Harrods is proud to announce the first significant perfume exhibition of recent times, The Perfume Diaries. A true celebration of the fragrance industry, The Perfume Diaries chronicles the fascinating story of perfume from ancient times right through to modern day and beyond. Harrods will unveil...
  11. PaveLL

    The fragrance seen as a business

    Hello BN'ers I was wondering how would it be if you decide to release a brand of your own, to get in the fragrance business. Which are the things that block your entry on the fragrance industry ? - The money, the capital stock - The one that will make the fragrance. How much does it cost to...
  12. M

    Many thanks and a question; any cantaloupe or unusual florals scents out there?

    Hey, I haven't posted in quite a while! I guess it was because you guys do such a good job in helping people find a fragrance!You all pointed me to Nuit de Noel, and well, let's just say it's not just for Christmas! On me it smells like really good incense, if you can find a vintage edt- totally...
  13. petruccijc

    Why the Perfume Industry Stinks
  14. 30 Roses

    Hand Book of Perfumes With Formulations

    I recently ordered Hand Book of Perfumes With Formulations from PrintsAsia in NYC. It's a fascinating and inexpensive read for anyone who loves perfumes and is curious about the materials, and potentially useful for DIYers (but the book was written for those in the perfume industry.) The link...
  15. A

    Basenotes Awards?...

    Does anyone know, will there be a Basenotes Awards edition this year? If yes, when? Grant, can you tell all of us about this? I think everybody is waiting for news! These awards are much more valuable to any perfume aficionado than Fifi Awards or any other so called 'industry awards'. I've been...
  16. R

    Can high blood sugar levels make your scent smell too sweet?

    I originally posted this idea in Fragrance Industry Discussions, but someone suggested it might get more posts here, so here goes! Diabetics apparently have problems because perfume goes too sweet on them. I read that high blood sugar levels can cause this problem. I have diabetic family members...
  17. N_Tesla

    What Would It Take to Fix the Fragrance Industry?

    Here are my ideas for fixing the Fragrance Industry's problems; real and perceived. Number one: Make all fragrances originally formulated prior to 1965 exempt from IFRA restrictions and place a disclaimer on the back of the bottles. Number 2: Return all classic fragrances to their former glory...
  18. N_Tesla

    The Needs of the One.

    Due to the constant reformulations and discontinuances I find myself compelled to hoard those fragrance that I can't live without. Just today I received another bottle of Vent Vert (1990 Becker Version) and Beau Cavalier. Am I the only one with this compulsion to preempt the fragrance industry's...
  19. A

    Creating Website

    Hello, I am new to the industry and believe I read a post about the best hosts for creating websites. Can someone please provide this information. Thank you, Ayo
  20. mtgprox05

    Is ANYTHING capable of mainstream commercial success?

    To save you a massively long post, I'll try to make it short. Music is perhaps the only thing that I am more into than fragrance. Currently, there are two highly touted emerging artists in my favorite genre that are both sort of competing against each other. Naturally, the fans are essentially...

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